Meal planning

Meal Planning Monday

Meal planning

Yes I am typing this early on Monday, after rummaging the fridge, freezer and cupboards I did come up with my meal plan nice and early yesterday, only for my laptop to overheat and have a bit of a blip. Rather like us it needed a bit of relaxing time so I let it have an early night hence typing quickly now.

I have Oscar’s parent meeting first thing, why do I always choose the early one then it comes to it wished I had plumped for a later time!!! Today we have a really grey and wet November day though as I look out it is all misty with rain but looks quite nice from sat in doors in the warm!!!

Anyway I am waffling, need a second tea I think!!!! So last week the muffin top vegetable casserole thing was a real hit, I will post the recipe really soon, this week like I said it is look in the cupboards etc week, super savy is me this week hey?

So we will be eating this week….

Monday: Red pasta basically a lovely gutsy tomato, garlic and onion tomato sauce with any spare veg I drag into it.

Tuesday: Homemade Pizza (I made extra bases the other day so have some in the freezer so easy), potato wedgies (I am so hungry this time of year!) and naked coleslaw.

Wednesday: Cheese and bacon baguette melts and salad with homemade tomato soup (I have some in the freezer)

Thursday: Smoked sausage savoury rice

Friday: Jazzy Shepherds pie and broccoli

Saturday: Homemade leek and cheese Quiche (gluten-free), salad and saddle back potatoes. Which I think are really called Hassle back but saddle back is what I call them….

Sunday: My cupboards will now be empty but I am thinking shopping will need to be done so Sunday will be a roast.

Apart from fresh things like salad, eggs and more cheese, I pretty much have all the ingredients for all of the above.

I have linked up with At Home with Mrs M for Meal Planning Monday, where a lot of us get together and try to be in control of one area of our lives, our meals!!! Well I am talking about me really…..



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