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Meal Planning Monday

Meal planningI didn’t sort myself out last week to add our meal plan, rephrase I didn’t do one!!! But this week I have a fridge full, a trip to our local farm shop which is a proper farm shop not one of these with hiked up prices. You can pick up big bunches of parsley for 25p or a huge swede for 40p all good stuff and mostly grown organically so very good place to inspire you for some healthy meals :-)

I been trying out a lovely cook pot this week which also is a rather neat pasta pot so to do a review recipe on the Italian theme that it is sold on as we will start the week with pasta which you find the recipe here later this week. Que disaster now I have told you what it is!!!

Sunday is our 14th weeding anniversary so Oscar wanted to make us a meal, he has enlisted Bex in for making pudding and he will make a starter so I chose a tray bake as a main because they can prepare easily without to much mess stress!!! As a table decoration I believe Oz will be making us one of these ‘Ice Lanterns’ which are so beautiful :-)

So this week we will be eating:

Monday: Lemony cream cheese and spinach pasta

Tuesday: Stuffed marrow rings served a homemade tomato sauce and rice.

Wednesday: Savoury muffin topped vegetarian casserole

Thursday: Smokey sausage and bean casserole with jacket potatoes and grated cheese

Friday:  Homemade pizza and naked winter coleslaw

Saturday: Ham, cheesy leeks, baked tomatoes and chips

Sunday: Pork, apple and winter vegetable tray bake served with roasties and broccoli

So that is my week it is making me hungry looking at it, though I am being organised and typing this on Sunday evening whilst a roast is in the oven so the smell of that is making my tummy rumble!!!:-)

I have linked up with Meal Planning Monday over ‘At Home with Mrs M’ popped over there and see what everyone else is planning and join in to if you don’t already as it really does feel good to know what you going to eat and there is no fines if you don’t stick to it!!!!



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6 Responses to "Meal Planning Monday"

  1. Happy anniversary!! :)
    Lots of tasty meals there x

    1. Ali says:

      Ahhh thank you :-) Just finished the lemony spinach pasta, very yummy if I say so myself ;-) x

  2. Happy anniversary!

    Sounds like a lovely meal plan. Do you have a recipe for your savory muffins? I’ve tried two or three different ones and just can’t seem to get it right!

    1. Ali says:

      I make my savoury muffins gluten-free so using my recipe should rise much better when using gluten, but these are mine two’s favourite. I must update the recipe as add grated carrot 2 medium ones or grated courgette ususually to this savoury muffin recipe now.

      It will be the first time I have used it at a topping so fingers crossed it will work out okay :-) Thanks re anniversary wishes x

  3. These meals sound delicious – I am especially intrigued by the muffin topped casserole!

    1. Ali says:

      Was delicious Lauren, really filling and yummy even gluten-free :-) Will blog the recipe!

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