Meal planning

Meal Planning Monday

Meal planning

Yes I thought I would make the effort this week and do ‘Meal Planning Monday’, the fridge is full so it nice an easy this week to plan the weeks menu. I am doing something new for my lot and that will be savoury pancakes. I have yet to decide whether to make and fill and serve or make, fill and bake then serve. I am hoping they will be liked, I will fill them veggie style to be one of the four veggie meals of the week. Another blast from the past will be the corn flakes chicken this is a recipe I have spiced up from Annabel Karmel’s Baby and Toddler book would you believe. It is a fab recipe that are basically homemade chicken dippers coated in crushed corn flakes which is perfect for me being gluten-free as always have the gluten-free version in the cupboard. So that is enough waffle here is what we will be eating these week!!!

Monday: Homemade chicken soup, bread (homemade from the bread maker) and salad.

Tuesday: Florentine baked potatoes with eggs in served baked tomatoes and pea’s

Wednesday: Savoury Pancakes, choice of fillings served with naked winter coleslaw

Thursday: Meat loaf ( without a bat out of hell…) served with homemade tomato sauce, saddle back potatoes and veg

Friday: Easy meal pesto pasta

Saturday:  Corn flake chicken dippers, homemade dips most probably guacamole and one other, spicy wedgies and salad.

Sunday: Leek, cheese and tomato Quiche, roast potatoes and veg.

I will bake some more of these Marmalade cakes as they were so easy and yummy, savoury muffins and later on in the week chocolate brownies

Well that has made me feel hungry, time for breakfast for me now…

I have linked up with Meal Planning Monday over ‘At Home with Mrs M‘ pop over there to see what everyone else has planned for the week.

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