Meal planning

Meal Planning Monday

Meal planningMeal Planning Monday

Yes, I have slacked off ‘Meal Planning Monday’ the last couple of weeks. You know it’s Sunday night and sometimes it just that little bit of a hassle to think what to eat for the week. But I know when I do it makes one less think about for the beginning, middle or end of every day the following week!!!

So last week saw back to school, Oscar settled into secondary school like a duck knows to swim (is that a new saying I just made up?!!!) and we cracked on with work. It was great to see the sun at the weekend and just as great to fill my three cake tins with goodies for the week!!!

But other than cake we will be eating…..

Monday: Smoked paprika turkey steaks, spicy rice and salad

Tuesday: I am out living it up at a rather nice hotel, only for dinner so the rest of the house will have to fend for themselves. So egg and chips it could be!!!

Wednesday: Chilli Tortilla Layer ( everyone loves this and as I was out last night then…) served with salad.

Thursday: Veggie burgers most probably be spicy courgette and chickpeas ones in buns and salad, potato wedgies and naked coleslaw.

Friday: Pasta with good on Arabita sauce

Saturday: Zesty Turkey meatballs, pitta bread, salad and homemade hummus.

Sunday: It may be roast :-)

Have to say that was good to get out of the way, even with a rather full tummy of cake and custard!!! Now  means I won’t be wondering what we are going to have to eat this week or making quiches at goodness knows what time!!! Don’t quiches take ages to make or is that me?

I have linked up with At home with Mrs M’ and her Meal planning Monday link up. Pop over to see what everyone else has planned :-)

*Now realise my saying is ‘Like a Duck to Water’ remember in the middle of the night :-)


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