meal planning monday

Meal Planning Monday

Meal planning

Monday again, and it’s a bit grey and wet out today *sulks*.  Last week I did mostly stick to the plan but failed on planning for the lamb tray bake as didn’t organise the veg I needed. I didn’t even have an onion in the house, which as you can imagine is big style shopping alert!!! So we did have roast chicken though so not so bad though now we are feeling a bit icky so not so good. I wasn’t in charge of the cooking yesterday I might add!!!

So this week will feel funny as Bex on Thursday is off to ‘Beautiful Day’s’ festival with friends of ours and her best friend which will mean she doesn’t return till Sunday. Despite yesterday’s post, I always feel a bit lost when one of my brood of two are not there but at the same time it will be quieter!!! Oz plans to have a friend to stay over and hopefully sleep in the garden in the tent.

Our week will be something really filling on Wednesday before Bex leaves (!), Oscar’s favourites at the end of the week, a big welcome home roast for a tired Bex on Sunday. So it’s looking like this:

Monday: Something really plain perhaps egg and chips or omelette.

Tuesday: Lamb tray bake ( I will buy veg etc)

Wednesday: lasagne, salad and garlic bread. (In fear of Bex not eating for day’s!)

Thursday: Smoked Paprika Turkey steaks, salad and savoury rice (homemade)

Friday: Bit and pieces supper. Cheese, dips, salad etc

Saturday: Homemade Burgers and salad

Sunday: Scrumptious roast and may make apple crumble too 🙂

There may be changes as I know I am having a delivery of Boursin cheese so may well create a yummy recipe with that to try out and to add to that I have to do my big shop so sometimes special offers sway my choices too.

As usual I have linked up with the lovely Mrs M with her Meal Planning Monday link up – Pop over there to see what everyone else is planning 🙂


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