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Meal planning Monday

meal planning monday

I am a bit late typing this out, the sun is out and it feels like proper Summer. Bex has broken up for the Summer but Oscar is still at school till tomorrow. I did a mad dash cleaning around the house first thing in hope we may get someone to view the house. I really should keep it really messy and then we would get loads wouldn’t we!!! Anyway that is not anything to do with this weeks menu is it?!!! My fridge is groaning for more salad and when it’s sunny like this that all I groan for too, oh and a piece or two of cake!!!

I have done just the five days today as the weekend is Oscar’s birthday so it’s his choice over the weekend and Oz being Oz hasn’t yet to decide what to have.

Monday: Turkey Burgers with added zing of chilli and lemon zest, salad and potato wedges.

Tuesday: Ratatouille jacket potatoes and salad.

Wednesday: Chop and change rice salad served with hard-boiled eggs

Thursday: Chicken Curry and rice serve with riata and homemade naan bread.

Friday: Smoked sausage pasta and salad.

So that is our week is food, baking wise I am going to have a go at savoury flapjacks and may make these Fresh Berry Biscuits again as they were so nice and totally summery and now the sun is here it is going to stay, right?!!!

I have linked up with At Home with Mrs. M ‘Meal planning Monday’ linky. Pop over there and see what everyone else is cooking up :-)


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6 Responses to "Meal planning Monday"

  1. I’ve found a new way to get my girls to try new foods! They have to pick something from your menu plan! Ratatouille it is then!

    1. Ali says:

      Yay :-) that sounds a fab idea (no pressure on me for next week!!!) very honoured I must say x I do try and keep the menu so we all eat it so hopefully there will always be something they fancy! Hope you are feeling better this week x Will add the broccoli and cream cheese recipe this week!

  2. The fresh berry biscuits look yum – will give those a go myself at some point soon :)
    Lots of fresh, summery tastes on your menu mmm x

    1. Ali says:

      Thanks Emma, biscuits are really easy but look and taste super wow :-)

  3. The turkey burgers sound delicious – “zing” is always good!

    1. Ali says:

      Love to add a bit of zing :-)

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