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Me, my blog and I – Celebrating 2 years of blogging

Over a Cuppa blog

This little space of mine, I love my blog.

 My place to sometimes escape to track my mind on just what I am doing that moment, instead of worrying about all the other things that trawl through my head.

A place to share with you, my lovely readers my recipes I have tried, most often made up and tried again just to be sure. A place to realise one of my true passions is cooking and a place that has given me the baking bug.

A place where I get to write for others giving me more than anything the pleasure of producing something I am proud of.

A place sometimes to say the things I need to say the things I maybe I didn’t.

A place where I have strangers become friends.

A place where I have met some lovely people who I know have grown to care about me  and me about them.

A place that sometimes does take a few more hours that perhaps I can spare but pays me back in ways that only a fellow blogger would understand. *(I am not talking about the freebies!) *That totally spoilt the flow of it but had to be said!

A place that has opened my mind up to so many things, and now I just need to believe in myself.

A place where I would always be honest but where I wouldn’t share all of my world.

A place that has many drafts never to be published that have made me cry.

A place that helps me sort things out.

A place where my sister used to love to visit and no longer can.

A place where I can share.

A place that makes me happy, a place I feel that I have achieved.

A place where I am me.

My blog, that I am proud of.

Me, my blog and I.



Over a Cuppa celebrates its 2nd Birthday on Mothering Sunday which is a perfect day as this is one of my babies.


Thank you for visiting my blog it really wouldn’t be the same without you x



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