Making friends as an adult

FriendshipsNew places, new faces it is harder to make new friends when you are older. When I mean friends I mean building up to knowing they are there. A true friend is someone you can rely on no matter what. Someone you trust and someone you can be a true friend to them. Friendships are two-way thing and if it is not perhaps that isn’t a true friendship after all. Of course friends make you laugh when you really want to cry and they make you laugh when you want to be laugh too of course!

One of my true friends I have been friends since I was 13, so several moves and lots of gaps but she is still very much counted as my true friend, as I am her too!

But you need close friends near by. I don’t think you can ever beat that long-term friendship especially through the growing up stage and all the changes that happen after but it is important to have friends around you, in fact it is proven to be good for you.

I sadly left good friends behind in Cornwall, re-joining old friends near here but not here on my doorstep (read as town!), so for me building friendships in our new town is important too.

I am a chatty kind of easy-going person most of the time! So having dogs means I bump into lots of people and get chatting. On Saturday I walked the dogs with someone new. We chatted easily about lots of things, voiced honest opinions about stuff and laughed. Despite a big age gap and life gap, she is sub 30 by quite a bit (I know wrong right!) and looking forward to have children in the future. But it was nice and as we left she introduced herself so now I know someone by name too! Any dog person will know,we usually are known by the dog’s name then the word ‘owner’ after!

On that afternoon again for a dog walk, someone I met and chatted to before spotted me walking past her house. When we chatted before she said we must swap telephone numbers etc. So she came over with her post it note and her details on then we chatted on for a good 30 minutes (I have patient dogs!).

Walking home in the lovely Autumn sunshine I did feel uplifted, it nice to know people want to get to know you better and for sure as an adult especially of older children (no playground or play group chats now!) it is harder to get to know people and make friends.

Friends are important, good friends take time to make but I am happy I am making new friends too!

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