Lea & Perrins Creamy sauce recipe

Back in the cupboard, the familiar orange labelled bottle of Lea & Perrins!
Back in the cupboard, the familiar orange labelled bottle of Lea & Perrins!

There was never a moment when I was growing up that the welcome sight of a bottle Lea & Perrins was not in our cupboard at home and indeed in my Nan and Grandad’s cupboard too! There between the jam in the day’s you did not have to keep jam in the fridge, marmalade, Marmite, tomato ketchup and all the other seasonings and condiments stood this lovely bottle with its orange label.

Nothing seems to have changed much at all with the bottle, accept due to labeling laws in now reveals its ingredients which back in my childhood was a complete secret!

Lea & Perrins got added to the mince meat for shepherd’s pie. It really adds a new dimension and I loved it so much I would add more to it when it was served up on my plate! My first ever homemade soup I made at the age of about 12 main favour came from Lea & Perrins. Along with chopped onions, green beans, water, Marmite and pepper you would find the flavour of Lea & Perrins. My favourite drink as a child at the pub on a sunny summer evening, no not lemonade but tomato juice with a dash of yes, Lea & Perrins. A dash on cheese on toast was regularly had, it was also a favourite of mine added to my Mum’s lovely macaroni cheese, yum and a dash of Lea & Perrins on Baked Beans takes them from okay to something special! I was a Lea & Perrins fan very young as you can see!

Lea & Perrins was also in my cupboards once I left home, so it was a sad day for me when I couldn’t eat gluten anymore to find Lea & Perrins does include gluten.

So the lovely orange bottle that feels so familiar no longer is housed in my cupboard. It was a happy sight to open it when it arrived in the post and even better that Bex and Oscar really liked it too! What kind of Mum am I depriving my children of such a treat just because I can not eat it!

Lea & Perrins shouts British food to me, after all it is a very British company. So I decided to pep up some good old British bangers with a sauce that actually is good enough to go with steak!

The Lea & Perrins gives the sauce a bit of a kick and a bit more depth rather like added it to Shepherd’s Pie back in the old day (!)  I am told by the kids who really loved it! I made the sauce for me and Cam, my husband without Lea & Perrins as he is allergic to fish so can’t have it either. Bex and Oscar tried both and of course preferred the one with Lea & Perrins.

So here is my very easy sauce to pep up some sausages but also good with any other meat too! Not forgetting fish-eating veggies can serve it along side lots of things too!

Simple Sauce to transform a sausage supper!
Simple Sauce to transform a sausage supper!

To make it you will need to serve four:

300ml Single Cream

1 medium onion finely chopped

2 garlic cloves crushed

2 teaspoon of Lea & Perrins

A knob of butter


Melt the butter on a low heat and the gently fry the onions until they are going a gorgeous caramel brown. Add the garlic and fry for a further 1 minute.

Add the cream and stir over a gentle heat until the cream has reduced a little.

Add the Lea & Perrins and stir in.

Then serve.

I served ours with sausages, spinach mash ( potato and I added some frozen spinach to the last few minutes of cooking then do mash as usual from there) and vegetables.

Here is another delicious recipe for Worcestershire sauce by Lea and Perrins. Take a look, it looks very yummy!



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