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Large collection of magazines – Need culling help!!!

I have been having a general clear out, well less general more major but of things I can’t bring myself to get rid of is my huge collection of Good Food and Delicious magazine.

A basket of recipes!!!

Good food magazines date back to post Bex being born yes she is nearly 13. The early ones my Gran gave to me as hand me downs and there the addiction for the magazine began. Recipes seem to have some weird comfort for me, I have torn out recipes in a folder from when I was in my teens, recipes I had collected together with my Mum some I actually made with her and many more I have never even tried. The funny thing is savoury recipes do seem to date and when I look at some they really don’t look appealing at all. So why is it then that sweet recipes always still look super yummy weird hey?

But it still leaves me with the dilemma that I can’t part with them even though realistically I need to thin them down alot a little bit. My lack of organisation means some of the things I have made in the past are lost within this stash of magazines all lost and recipes made in the past are memories perhaps I want to keep hold of. Or maybe it is just all those recipes that make me want to make them but I just have not got around to it and I still hold out that I will get make them one day.

A collection dug out from their hiding place!!!

I also have to admit to the same obsession with Psychologies magazine, not recipes but so much fab information in there I just don’t want to lose. To much to just contain in this little head of mine with all the other junk it has to store!!! Any other magazines I would not give a second glance at passing on to someone or putting it to be recycled.

So suggestions people for the cull of my magazines that won’t be to painful for me. Please be gentle, my eye’s actually pricked with tears as I was contemplating what I was to do, while having to  turn away while I popped a few ragged looking one’s in the recycling!!!!

Does anyone else suffer from such things or is it just me? :-)

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10 Responses to "Large collection of magazines – Need culling help!!!"

  1. I have the same problem.
    Once a year, I try to do a thinning out. And I’ll always find one reason or another not to throw them out. Sometimes I get inspired to clear the clutter and I’ll wholeheartedly make use of that moment to do a clear out of my magazine stash.

    1. Ali says:

      Phew! I am not alone, once a year sounds good but I am sure like you I find an excuse or 5 not to clear some of them out :-) I actually love it when I have done a bit of decluttering, it’s the magazine that have a hold on me!!! Thanks for commenting, love the name of your blog :-)

  2. MelkshamMum says:

    Ha! Love this. I have a similar issue. I buy Ideal Home religiously as I love nosing in other peoples homes and I have a dream of renovating my house and extending so I obviously need ideas. The OH buys mountain bike and cycling mags, What Car? – this drives me mad as it is the same magazine every month, pretty much. I have a few Country Livings too one of which I will NEVER throw out as it is where I found the inspiration for naming my boy, Alban. We had a big clear out of Good Food recently, as we have so many cookbooks everything was pretty much duplicated.
    You could donate to GP waiting rooms, schools for cutting and sticking etc? Car boot them? Just keep the important ones x x

    1. Ali says:

      But they are all important ;-) Now house magazines that is a idea :-) I think it is a mad attachment thing, I really need to get over. I also have stacks of recipe books too, there is no excuse accept I have problems, nice problems of course!!! :-)

  3. purpleella says:

    if you could be bothered you could scan your favourite pages and save them on your computer. Also remember you can generally google and find anything you want these days anyway.
    I’m the opposite of a horder. My husband has to stop me getting rid of things we actually need, I find clearing out so therapeutic.

    1. Ali says:

      Maybe you could come and sort them out then ;-) on second thoughts you may be to brutal!!! :-) It is the opposite here, my husband would have no problems in throwing all but the bare essentials out. A clearout is good though for sure, it does make you feel lighter but these magazines still have a heavy hold on me. x

  4. How about srapbooking a Best Of collection? Set yourself a limit of one book, x number of pages, etc. Pick your favourite recipes and keep those?

    1. Ali says:

      Fab idea Grace, can that be one really big book!!! ;-) Actually I like this idea, *thinks* could do this!!! :-) Thanks Grace for stopping by x

  5. Jennifer says:

    I also have a folder of recipes torn out from magazines. You are so right about the savoury meals dating but the sweet things always looking yummy!

    I am much better at throwing magazines away now, since I’ve started reading blogs online and realising that there is so much content out there available for free. You can also find every recipe and variation on it that you could possibly want online. It is very liberating to chuck a big heavy pile of magazines into the recycle bin and I can’t remember the last magazine I bought.

    If you can stop buying magazines then at least the problem won’t get bigger. But I must admit that I’m of the opinion that if you’ve got the space to store things, and you appreciate and look at them regularly, then they are worth keeping…!

    1. Ali says:

      Yes I have a folder too :-) I agree everything is online especially recipes and that where I usually look. I have no excuses except my admission of having a problem!!! ;-)

      Yes the three magazines I seem to collect are subscription gifts so maybe next year I give them up but will I miss out on something!!!

      Thanks for stopping by x

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