Kitchen Inventions – My top 5 that save me money and time

Recently I joined the Foodies 100 Uk index I hadn’t joined before as I thought it was for only solely food blogs, but no I am foodie enough. For fear of being transparent I will also say  I had followed the link from Make it, Bake it which mentioned that Morphy Richards were looking for Home Innovators so here I am using one of their suggested blog post prompts ‘Kitchen Inventions and turned it into this.

Here are my top kitchen inventions that save me money and time:

1.  My Hand Blender

From the even before baby food years till now, this kitchen invention has to be my most used kitchen appliance. I have owned one of these for over 15 years and only had to replace it once. This has to be my most favourite one too, it makes yummy dips quickly and cheaply, makes my soups smooth and lovely, whips up pancakes mixture in minutes, milkshakes in the morning when breakfast is not fancied, gorgeous smoothies and now it is warmer it blitzes fruit, fresh or tin and get turned into healthy ice lollies. You will find the word blitzed in many of my recipes. Spell checker always argues with me but I argue back because this is my blitzer.

2. My Christmas present last year was a Kenwood Kitchen Machine (there’s a title!!)
This saves me time as I can make cakes hand free and quickly while doing something else. When the oven goes on I like to make the most of it so quite often cook more than one thing at a time. So hands free is a big bonus. It also makes great pastry, bread dough and change it around a bit and I can have a super healthy salad shredded and grated to perfection in minutes. The blender part I don’t use, why would I as I have my blitzer!!! It also means on the whole my cake tins are never empty as they are so easy to whip up and so much tastier and healthier than brought ones.

3. My Popcorn maker
I have made popcorn for years and ruined  a fair amount of saucepans in that time too!!! If you had come to any of my parties when I was in my 20’s chilli popcorn would have been on offer. Nigella fans I am quite sure she stole my savoury popcorn idea. Being gluten-free means I can make healthy snacks in minutes and popcorn cooked in this is oil free too. It is incredibly cheap to make and the £20 investment on the popcorn maker 4 years ago has paid for itself time and time again. Though it is not all about healthy the other day I concocted vanilla toffee popcorn which was the best sweet popcorn any of us had ever eaten, a whole bowl was enjoyed with tea on a sunny Saturday afternoon.


4. Ice Lolly Moulds

Over the years I have brought many ice lolly moulds but 2 years ago I brought these. More expensive than any others I have ever brought but these guys you can tell are set to last. At £10 these have provided us with lots and lots of perfect ice lollies. From ice lollies made with freshly squeezed juice to use up oranges, ice lollies made from fruit using the ‘blitzer’, ones made from the gorgeous innocent smoothie, banana milkshake ones and lots more too. Oscar whats to make a banana custard one so that will be the next one up. All in all a fab investment saving me money for sure and much nicer than brought ice lollies too.




5. The whisk
My brother got my Dad to buy this for me 9 years ago. I stood there drooling at the look of it, I know a shallow kitchen moment there!!! But even at a ‘big I would never spend that on a whisk £17’ I have to admit it has saved me money. In the 9 years I have had it not one lumpy sauce has left my kitchen, not a single sieving lumps of out sauce moment has been had and with this whisk just 3 minutes and a perfect all in one sauce could be yours.

So that is my top 5 kitchen inventions that save me time and money but most importantly help me make yummy things for my family, friends and of course me too.

Have you got any kitchen inventions that you hate to be without.

I am applying to be a Morphy Richards Innovator with Foodies 100 and I guess this is my application 🙂

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