It is Friday, Yay!!!

I generally love Friday’s but this week Friday is even more welcome. This would mean this week has been cr*p. But today Friday is another day but I have a feeling (oh please let me be right) that today will be better.

Good Morning!

The start of the day is looking pretty perfect, sorry this picture really doesn’t show the gorgeousness of it. I am hoping the start of the promise of sunshine in the sky will mean sunshine in the mood of the day too.

I hate having weeks that just do nothing but exhaust you and you find it hard to pick out the good stuff. I mean this week I had lunch out with my husband and a day off pretty much, so come on here lets look for the good stuff!! I am talking to myself here, just for record but of course I hope you have picked some good stuff out of this week.

Still the cake Bex made last Saturday lasted all week, well up until today. Not bad as that was two afternoon tea’s (A.K.A a pot of tea and cake here!) and a slice everyday in both the lunch boxes. Oscar kept coming home and saying ‘That cake is so nice at lunchtime’ , so what is wrong with my other cakes!!!

This week everyday my focus has been relax with the Comic Relief Great British Bake Off, yes a sad confession but what ever gets you through the day. Last night to celebrate hopefully the end of a cr*p and horrid week I made everyone’s favourite meal, fajita, wraps, homemade guacamole, sour cream and rice salad. Nom Nom as we like to say, nice family meal and isn’t it funny how having a meal all set out like this so you help yourself feels so much more special. Perhaps that just us!!!

Nom Nom!!!

Part of me today wants to go to the beach and just walk in the lovely Winter sunshine but I am just going to have to settle for a walk over the fields as I seem to have a lot of catching up to do so that will have to wait. Having said this my internet seems to be playing up so perhaps…..

Following Penny’s Mum advice given over on the Little Legacy at Alexander Residence I am hoping to rate my day a 10 and hoping all around me do too!!!

Happy Friday x




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