Is it nearly half term yet?

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No I am not joking.  Why is it once they go back to school within days the whole school thing seems to feel like you had no break.

In the nearly two weeks they have been back the mornings have got darker. Lights on to do pack lunches but least at the moment it is lightish. The mornings when it pitch dark when the alarm goes off are the pits aren’t they?

As I type this my body slumps at the very thought of it. Dark evenings I can deal with, shut the blinds and shut the world out if you so wish to and cosy on down for the evening. So is there any idea’s out there how to cope with getting up when your body screams it is the middle of the night?

When you put Chris Evans on just to try and lighter the morning a bit. Yes that desperate, though he is quite funny isn’t he and the first boyfriend of my daughters Head Mistress so you feel you got to lend a bit of support!

Anyway that aside while the dark morning are fast approaching and this year Bex is showering in the mornings. With her gorgeous and thick would love to have locks, this means a 6.30 give or take 5 minutes start!!! Ekkk I hear you cry or not for the ones who achieve much earlier, and for those early early birds please spread your advice and no I don’t eat worms!!!

Please add to this no I am not ‘lazy’ in the light mornings I can think of nothing worse than just lying in bed unless I invited George Clooney around! (Oh dear I need to update my crushes!) and actually refuse offers of cups of tea in bed and even offers of toast too!!!

So is it nearly half term yet?  Okay I know it will be darker but at least I will be able to spend a extra half a hour in the dark!!! Then it will be Christmas, HURRAY! and then it will start getting lighter well soon…..


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