If only you could press publish straight from your head!

My husband created this years ago but was perfect for this post, though not the chip on her shoulder!!!

Is it me or do you come up with the best idea’s and in my case posts in your head and that is where they stay. I write some amazing posts when I am out walking the dogs. The idea’s flow, they are funny, wise, interesting, quirky and sometimes you may even gain some useful information too.  But these posts seem to only get published in my head, never quite make it to here and even the idea never seems to go anywhere else.

The problem is in my head they sound so good, then I get home and of course get side tracked by work or house work or of course general stuff that side tracks you all of the time and well it’s gone isn’t it.

Today I had a list of things I was going to type out, the fact I missed meal planning Monday, something about phobia’s or teenagers and have a fab one in the wings about nightclubs but in my head it flowed so much better so when I got typing it just didn’t hit the WOW WOW factor I wanted. So today as my head is not playing ball I decided to type this in the hope it’s not just me that it happens too!!!

Of course if it is well just pretend okay 😉


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