Icing on the cake with help from Silver Spoon Create

As you may have seen I have made my Christmas cake. Which is indeed a lovely and gorgeous smelling job to do but of course the best bit is as the good saying says is ‘The icing on the cake!’.

Now usually my cake is quite plain. The usual marzipan and Royal icing and a token Christmas tree and Robin but this year the lovely people at Silver spoon sent me some of their lovely and rather wonderful goodies.

Cake designer Mich Turner and founder of London’s Little Venice Cake Company has come up with a professional range with Silver Spoon called ‘Silver Spoon Create’. Firstly if your like me and are far from professional when it comes to cake decorating well don’t run away.

This range is professional quality but also allows you to give your cake the professional edge and taste with minimal effect. Which I have to say I like.

First on the cake was the Finest Quality Marzipan. With 40% ground almonds this tasted rather good. It was very easy to roll and use to for me this was a good start. A quick brush over the cake with some sieved apricot jam and this marzipan was easy lift on.

I am not a huge ready roll icing fan, a tiny bit is usually is enough for me but Silver Spoons ‘Madagascan Vanilla’ ready roll white icing was quite different to other used in the past. The addition of the vanilla really makes a difference, it is sweet of course but a lovely scented sweet, which myself and the children rather like. I also like the fact it is not that over bleached white, it is a pure white but white like on a tasteful wedding dress.

The icing again was easy to work with, in fact Bex did the kneading and rolling for me.

My plans which was a last-minute plan was to do ‘Stars,’ so I left some icing behind to roll out later. The icing was lovely to work with no cracks just lovely and smooth and was easily place on to the cake once I had brushed the cake with a little cooled boiled water.

Now this bit is my favourite bit, decorating it so I was thrilled to be sent these beautiful edible lustre in bronze, gold and pearl. They are so pretty and could be used for so many things but I wanted to keep it simple and use them actually with the children to show that it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

Once we rolled the left over icing out we simply cut star shapes using a mini star biscuit cutter and one large star using a bigger cutter. The children got painting the stars by using a clean (new) small paint brush. The colours are so sparkly that the children just love doing this, with Oscar saying but is this actually edible!!!

Using more cooled boiled water I stuck the stars on the cake. The ones on the side we stuck on as plain stars and painted them once on to make it easier. The star’s that look white have the Pearl Lustre which does actually sparkle, the photo just did not show it.

As you can see we have a beautiful cake to show for this but for me as a busy mum and far from a professional cake decorator I want to show this review as fantastic products that are so easy to use, extremely tasty, excellent quality but look this cake looks pretty fantastic. Done at 8.45 in the evening with the help of a 12 and 10-year-old .

We have icing left over and we are going to have much more fun with the ‘lustre’ too so they will be back here giving a bit more sparkle.

Next years Christmas cake I will be buying this range, I truly loved it and it really does beat a Christmas tree and an over sized robin doesn’t it!!!

Of course these products would be excellent for wedding cakes and celebration cakes. The Golden Lustre how wonderful to use for a golden wedding cake. In fact it’s sparks a bit of a desire to make a few more special cakes from me.

Prices: Finest Quality Marzipan £3.99 (500g)  – Madagascan Vanilla Ready Roll Icing £3.29 (1kg) – Lustre £2.49 (20ml)

Available: Baking aisle in Sainsbury’s

For lots of fab baking idea’s go to www.bakingmad.com you can sign up to their newsletter which I get which always keeps me happy with baking thoughts and idea’s.

You find some tips from Much here too. I only found after I did the cake 🙂

I would like to thank Ruth for sending me these products and inspiring me to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to cake decorating 🙂

As usual this has followed my strict Over a Cuppa policy of giving honest praise only when due.




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