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I missed my birthday

No not my real one obviously as if I would do something that silly!!! On Saturday here this little place I call my blog was one. Can you believe it, it only felt like yesterday……. :-)

So one year on and have things changed. Well I still have appalling grammar that even my fab little WordPress plug-in thingy doesn’t always pick up on! I write things, then twitter them out with phrases I wished I put in the actual post. I am still a wee bit linky phobic, I still hate blogger for commenting, I stress about not making enough comments on other people’s blogs. Like today I commented on Rosie Scribble except when I pressed to publish it Rosie’s new captcha sent my comment somewhere else. I knew I wanted to blog today so after trying to see what happened and trying am retrieve my comment I had to say stop and sob the comment wasn’t made.

I re-read my first blog post this morning, I actually thought yes. In one whole year things may have changed, I learnt lot’s, made new friends and found fab new blogs to read. I have perhaps changed it slightly to more foodie than when I started out, but one thing I am so glad of is the voice remains the same.

I am still me when I am being paid to do a post, doing a review or just your average blog post. I know I can improve on my writing  and I think sometimes I need to plan blog post’s instead of doing what I am doing now. Tip tapping away with the noise of the washing machine slightly distracting me, the dogs looking at me for a walk and our large printer beeping in the background as it prepares to print a canvas.

But hey, it is only a year on and it is still very much a learning curve. So this will be my 184th post I am still counting myself as a newish blogger. I still have so much to learn. People I met virtually I loved to meet in the flesh,  people I have already met I would loved to meet again, less quiet this time. That is to Melksham Mum x So many more new people to meet and so many more blogs to visit.

So one year on, I am really glad I took that step into the blogging world It is a nice world and I liked to thank all that come here, because without you it just wouldn’t be the same.

Cuppa and cake anyone?



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6 Responses to "I missed my birthday"

  1. MelkshamMum says:

    Wow, one year on. I’m trailing behind you a bit but like you have learnt so much and can’t quite believe how blogging has changed me…..for the better. I’m annoyed for you, and many others, with the problems of commenting on Blogger. If I was more tech savvy I probably would have changed to WordPress by now but couldn’t get my head around it. Duh!
    Finally, you made me feel all emotional at the end with your lovely mention! I would love to meet you again and have a proper chat over a cuppa. How big is your garden? Can I stick a tent in it for the summer?! ;) x x

    1. Ali says:

      It is a pain blogger but your blog is now always kind to me x WordPress is very easy just so you know :-) Garden big enough for tent just! It is like Summer today so I will clear a space and put the kettle on :-)xxx

  2. Purplemum says:

    Happy bloggy birthday. Your blog is a lovely place to visit and I have enjoyed your journey so far. Keep up the good work.

    1. Ali says:

      Ahhh thank you :-) That is how I look at other people blogs, places I like to visit and your blog is one of them xxx

  3. Lisa says:

    Happy first birthday and here’s to many more! Now to find some cake…

    1. Ali says:

      Thank you :-) passes large slice of cake. *Looks at clock. Passes glass of wine instead of tea x

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