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I forgot to teach the ‘Tidy skill’ but…

When it comes to being tidy, perhaps this is one of the things I failed on teaching my children. First let’s get this straight, l on a normal day my house is tidyish. Maybe a bit cluttered or lived in as I like to call it but…

Now though that I am living in hope of regular viewings on my house things have to be a bit different. Take today for instance, I had to get the house zingy and perfect for the other 4 estate agents who work for the branch we are selling our house with. This to me was a great idea, especially as it was sunny so perfect for them to tell those hopeful buyers how gorgeous it is.

Anyway I side tracked there, I had an earlier start today ( is that normal for people with extra tidy houses I ask?!) did the usual things and the re-tidying (grrr) the house again thing too. To be fair it didn’t take long (oh go on be a bit impressed just for me!) but the realisation struck me that my two could be alot a bit better ‘Tidy trained’. As little ones the tidy up game is fun, now it’s met with no slightly less enthusiasm. One of my two say’s “I’ll do that Mum” and then half does it but… The other looks at me when asked mostly like I asked for a limb to be taken off.

I am sure that was tidy and under the bed a minute ago!!!

No names are mentioned here, simply as I know the blame purely lands with me. The “Oh I’ll do that, it’s okay” that flies out my mouth on most occasions has a lot to answer to. Of course it never to late to start training but apart from the limited ‘Tidy skills’ they are pretty well-trained.

They maybe messy devils (maybe a little like their Mum sometimes) but my two are thoughtful, loving, polite, caring along with funny and rather cool, so to be honest does the ‘Tidy skill’ really matter.

Of course when I get an hours notice for a house viewing my opinion may waver just a little!!!! :-)


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6 Responses to "I forgot to teach the ‘Tidy skill’ but…"

  1. Kerry says:

    That’s tidy compared to my Spawn’s bedrooms! :) Hope the viewings went well… hope this lets me comment! MWAH xx

    1. Ali says:

      Yay my blog loves you today :-) That is tidy compared to the usual chaos but it was ultra (not me at all under normal circumstances!)tidy when I last looked. Bless them, and I know exactly who they get it from!!! xxx

  2. Purplemum says:

    I am guilty of the same. I am such a control freak that I tidy because the children would not do it to my standards. Their future housemates can teach them to tidy.

    1. Ali says:

      I not sure that is my excuse with the children although I secretly hide a control freak streak!!! It is just quicker and it’s great for children to help but they are still children too. I think what I was like at that age (more messy) and well I turned out alright *convinces self* xxx

  3. Do you ever stand on the lego – bloody hurts!

    Hope viewing went well x

    1. Ali says:

      I rate standing on Lego and child birth pretty much on the same pain level!!! So I think that would be a yes, just a few times!!! x

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