Neigh thank you – horse free burgers and more

Oh I couldn’t resist that title 🙂 but now the horse seems to have bolted of out the stable and into our burgers and ready meals, I thought I would remind you just how easy it is to whip up a burger yourself.

Since being gluten-free, label reading is one of my hobbies. Though I think writing beef instead of horse meat is a bit more than a spelling mistake,  quite frankly more often than not the rest of the ingredients if read, will equally have you trotting off to make your own.

So not to look a gift horse in the mouth (Okay enough horsing about I am going to be sensible now) I thought I link up to some of my easy recipes, actually one is by Oscar’s when he was 9.

I will lead you to Ozzie’s burger recipe here…

This is my answer to a quick lasagne okay with no lasagne in, but it really gets the massive thumbs up to everyone I have dished it up to. My ‘Tortilla and Chilli Layer’ recipe.

Delicious and filling slice.

But if after all this horse business has left you not fancying beef at all, then I would be flogging a dead horse trying to tempt you and you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. So instead I offer you my ‘Easy Veggie and Bean burger’  and ‘Vegetarian Bolognese’  recipeveggie bean burgers

I know lots of people and rightly so will be getting on their high horses about all of this. Instead though thought I share my terrible horses jokes but rather yummy recipes.

This post may be in a slightly different style to usual but I am a bit of a dark horse!!! Enough now…

Happy cooking, we are just off to pick Bex up from the stables!!!

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