Hello – I am a Morphy Richards Innovator

On Thursday scanning through my twitter feed, I saw it. The tweet leading to the list of successful applicants to be a Morphy Richards Innovator for the next 12 months.

Feeling equally excited and nervous I clicked on the link, scrolled down the list and there I was. Well not me personally obviously but my blog name.

An understatement would be to say I was chuffed, I was. Lots of fab entries with so many great posts, so to be chosen on my post My 5 top kitchen inventions that save me time and money was really great to be honest.

So hello I am Ali and I am a Morphy Richards Innovator for the next 12 months, yep I got a badge to show you, Look to your right, it’s over there, down a bit !!!

I had a lovely email from Janelle  who will be looking after us lucky people this year. What I really like about getting to wear this badge is we get to give feedback so Morphy Richards can go back and bring us even more perfect products. I am a big fan of making life easier, getting jobs done with least amount of hassle is always top a priority.

Cooking wise, I am a huge fan of tasty home cooking but home cooking at it’s best is also easy. So this as a Morphy Richards Home Innovator are some of the things I will be looking out for and I am sure will really enjoy trying things out.

I will also be able to let you know what I think of the products tried, tell you about fantastic competitions and give you some great offers too.

All in all as you can tell I am very excited about this new role. Which leads me to do just one thing to thank Morphy Richards for choosing me with the help of Sally Whittle from Foodies 100 and Tots 100. Thank you both I am super chuffed!!! 🙂

Morphy Richards can also be found on Facebook where there is lots of great posts.





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