Halloween cupcakes

Halloween Baking idea’s

I love baking and fun baking is great to do for children and adults too, Halloween Baking is a great excuse to go slighty mad in the kitchen (something I am known to do often!!!). I usually do Halloween baking with Bex and Oscar. We either go somewhere or friends drop by before the children go out trick or treating around other friends and neighbours houses but which ever one it is, a bit of Halloween baking  goes down well with everyone.

Halloween baking cupcakes
Have fun decorating 🙂

Cakes are of course always popular and I am loving the idea’s of the above Halloween Cupcakes on the Baking Mad website. They are really simple and effective decorating idea’s and something you would be really proud of!!! You could of course add your own idea’s too, Halloween after all gives you the licence to go a little crazy and get away with it.

If you don’t fancy putting the oven on then I am really loving this easy recipe for Witches Hats how easy are they?

simple chocolate Halloween witches hat recipe Halloween baking
Simple, Fun & effective 🙂


There are lots more Halloween Baking recipes to be found on the Baking Mad website, I am hoping to try ‘Gizzis fudge’ (oh my that looks yummy!), Halloween cookies are always fun to do for kids of all ages ( yes I am talking to you!) and this year here anyway Halloween falls over half term so is a totally perfect excuse for spending some time in the kitchen with the children. Of course they are always nice to give to trick or treaters too!!!

You can sign up to Baking Mads newsletter which always promises some tempting goodies. I have been signed up for a while now and always get hungry when it pops into my inbox.

Liz is kindly sending me a Baking mad cook book by Eric Lanlard and apron for telling you all about their fab recipes which I can’t wait to give a go and then I will let you know how they go, in the meantime I have a few of those recipes Halloween bookmarked.

Have fun Halloween baking 🙂


Images from the Baking Mad website

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