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Guest post – Why Mums deserves flowers on Mother’s day

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Mothers day flowersWhy Your Mum Deserves Flowers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost upon us once again, and you’re probably thinking about what to get your mum – a card (obviously), flowers, chocolates, a teddy bear? Okay, maybe you haven’t thought about it yet. But you should have. Mums are the under appreciated guardians of our world and damn it, they deserve flowers! If you’ve forgotten how much your mum does for you, allow us to remind you:

She does your laundry.
Your clothes don’t just clean themselves, you know. Those shirts hanging up in your wardrobe? The magical way your socks are paired together? Yeah, that’s the mum fairy at work. She sweeps in when you’re out, gathers up your stray pants and t-shirts, and returns them crinkle-free and smelling of roses. (Speaking of roses:
great choice for Mother’s Day flowers. No, they’re not just for Valentine’s. Every woman appreciates roses!)

She cleans up after you.
Admit it, if it weren’t for your mother, you’d be tripping over your shoes and empty DVD cases on the daily. It’s not just the stuff you leave lying around on the floor either. How about your dirty dishes? And we’ve already talked about those clothes you leave scattered about the place. You might think this stuff wouldn’t bother you if it was left lying around, but imagine tripping over every time you walked through the door. Go on, really imagine it. It’s annoying, isn’t it?

She cooks delicious food for you.
So if your mum didn’t cook for you, all you’d eat is tinned tuna and two-minute noodles, right? Maybe the odd pizza as a treat on a Friday night. Now think of that luscious spaghetti bolognese your mum makes. And the burgers with homemade chips. And oh, the shepherd’s pie. The sausage and mash! Ahem. As you were, soldier.

She lends you money.
And never asks for it back. Mums are great at conveniently ‘forgetting’ about that tenner they lent you last week. And have you ever found a mysterious twenty in your pocket before heading out for the night? It’s the most peculiar thing. Or is it?

She looks after you when you’re sick.
There’s never a time you need your mum more than when you’re laid up in bed with the flu. Who else will bring you orange juice, chocolate and paracetamol? Mums always know exactly how to make you feel better when you’re ill. Mums are the best medicine. Or something.

She’s always there for you.
We hate to go all soppy on you, but mums are just fantastic. They’re always there for you, no matter what you need. Be it food, money, or just a big lovely hug, mum’s there. So buy her some flowers this Mother’s Day. And don’t forget the card. She deserves them, and so much more.

Thanks for a great guest post, yep I think I could say they all apply to me here though yet to do the mysterious £20 note but quite sure I will.

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