Living without my fridge/freezer

On the appliances front in our house so far this year rather a lot has broken down. Small things like the fairy light on the twigs in the kitchen which give such a cosy light all blew. The toaster keeps arguing with me whether it will actually let me put the bread down or not. It is like a game, will it or won’t it, or guess how many attempts to get it to work. My laptop is also decided it had enough abuse on the input socket so I have to keep it nice and still as not to move it so it stays happily charging. It is only time before it stops and rapid typing is out.

Argos fridge freezerBut the worst of all is my fridge/freezer. Luckily I have small freezer and a small fridge which I had in my first flat but with a family of four it really is not enough space .So it is every other day to the shops as do not have enough space to store anything for more than a few days. Out the window has gone my meal planning Monday and in search of a fridge freezer I  have gone. Can’t live without the beasts but they are not terribly exciting to buy so I don’t want to spend a fortune. So in my search the best value ones so far have been the fridge freezers at Argos of course if I was buying an American style fridge freezer I would be getting excited but sadly my budget won’t be stretching that far. So we will be buying something similar to what we have with the bonus that it will work. I have googled the where’s and why’s of why it maybe filling up with water and tried all the suggested tricks to mend it, but with no joy. I  know a spare part and call out will cost around 65% of a cost of a new one. After all it is 13 years old (unlucky for some obviously!) but it looks good for it age unlike it owner!!!

Other than a American fridge/freezer I have always coveted a chest freezer. I not entirely sure why, it makes me think I will be organised and fill it with homemade meals made ahead of time. I am also umming and ahhhing about an allotment. I have visions of home-grown vegetables and fruit stocked and organised in my chest freezer. Of course it would still have to be a good value chest freezer as with everything that seems to be breaking I need to keep to a budget. Plus my new years thing was to cut our food budget down, hence the thoughts of allotments as we seems to eat lots of fresh stuff.

Now typing this I am torn as whether to get a small chest freezer and a stand alone single fridge or get the same fridge/freezer. Decisions, decisions all has to wait till at least next month. In the mean time going to the shops and walking to pick up heavy milk then going up the rather steep hill that leads to our house has got to be good for me, right?

This post is written ‘In partnership with Argos’ my fridge/freezer has really broken and Argos did come up as being the best value for what I was looking for.


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