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Freedom & growing up

It’s a funny word really isn’t it? Freedom could be to do as you like or perhaps to have space. I am sure lot of us feel that we don’t have the freedom we would like to but on the times we do I love to enjoy it.

My two are growing up, they are both fab children and I know I had a good part in that (yes it’s good give yourself a pat on the back sometimes!). They have some fab views, likes and values, so when I look at them or hear them I think it’s really great that they are the way they are.


My guys are equally cool though but here they are just enjoying racing around a field, laughing and joking. Growing up is a tough old game but enjoying childhood when you get to a certain age is even harder. As you know Bex turned 13 last week and I am really hoping that she stays enjoying the simple stuff as well as the cool things too!!!

Bex turns 13 :-)

Oscar at nearly 11 is well in ‘Oscar’s world’. His totally laid back look on life makes me smile mostly and I have a feeling that doing it ‘Oscar’s way’ will be the way it is for him for a good few years yet.

Oz bug hunting wearing P.J's and my wellies and dog walking coat!!! :-)

I like looking at my two and seeing myself in both of them, but equally seeing the differences too. The funny thing is I am not a ‘it’s like this Mum so that is the way it is’ but somehow so much of how I see things is the way they see it. Which can be equally scary too of course!!!

I wrote this quick post after taking the weekends pictures off the camera and getting Oscar’s induction day date for the Comprehensive. I remember when Bex went and everyone saying once they are there it all changes. But actually it doesn’t have too in a negative sense that people always seem to suggest. I like to think as my two grow up then I grow up with them and if you can enjoy that well quite frankly your sorted.

To be honest I probably need a bit of growing up so it’s all a good thing really!!! :-)




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4 Responses to "Freedom & growing up"

  1. Sophie Davis says:

    As a mother of an 11 year old daughter, I can relate easily to many of the comments raised in your blog. My daughter is, and always has been, far more “innocent” than many of her friends. Never demanding the latest Wii, DS or X-box (she is the only girl in her class without a mobile phone!), she has always been happiest when she is playing freely outside, especially with friends.

    Like you, I see she is a perfect combination of my husband, myself and her own individual style. Although like many mums, I can’t believe that she will be heading off to secondary school after what seems like a blink of an eye since she started primary school, she is ready for it. She is looking forward to the new challenges it will bring and the new friends she will make.

    I’m a naturally “clingy” mum, something I’m not proud of and something I have tried to overcome. However, I look at my wonderfully independent but loving daughter and think maybe I haven’t done such a bad job after all!

    1. Ali says:

      She sounds like my two and I guess I may be called a ‘Clingy’ Mum too, in the sense I worry about them and have to give them big hugs before they leave for school etc. They love them too and for me I think chatting to them and a bit of give and take is the best we can give as parents. It sounds like you’ve done a great job and I sure your daughter will have a fantastic time at secondary school.

  2. Kerry says:

    Awww – sweet post Ali, I am having trouble letting mine grow up… Freedom is a difficult word for me at the moment! Your kids look uber cool – great job :) xx

    1. Ali says:

      What I love about my two is they are cool but also totally gorgeous and love their family too!!! When I see other children (and they are children) in Bex’s year I know how lucky I am!!! You are ultra cool and I can imagine you are a fab Mum I am sure you will get the balance right and believe me it’s worht it!!! :-) xxx

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