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For the love of tree’s

Our Beech tree!

Our Beech tree! Quick snap from kitchen door, see far too big for the garden!

I rather like tree’s not in a tree hugging sort of way but just in way that tree’s look so fantastic and obviously do fantastic stuff for our planet. Perhaps that did sound a bit tree hugging ‘ish’ but you know what I mean.

We lived opposite Sydney Gardens in Bath when I was growing up. Fantastic Beech and Horse Chestnut tree’s could be seen from our front windows. Tree’s that had been there for so many years and tree’s that are indeed still there today.

Tree’s also seem to sway me to buy houses, my very first house I bought was bought mainly because it had a lovely big pear tree! Our new house here has a beautiful Beech tree which again swayed me to this house! It is far to big for our little garden to be honest so at some point will be in need of a little bit of trimming down. Despite all the leaves it seems to be sharing on the ground it is still covered with gorgeous beautiful colours on its branches. From Bex’s window you just get hit by this gorgeous colour at the moment, really showing how wonderful and beautiful nature is.

There has always been a little tree in my life. My Nan’s Acer cocooned in a gorgeous old Bath stone sink so it kept to an almost Bonsai size. The sink itself had been found by my Grandad many, many years ago long before I was even thought of. He dug it up when digging to lay the foundations for a house they were building. Heavy to move, it has been moved with me since I took ownership of it when we sold our family house. When we moved here all our belongings went into storage and the little tree sat outside safely as we thought waiting till we brought it home.

All I have left of my Acer is a snap taken to capture a Beetle!

All I have left of my Acer is a snap taken to capture a Beetle!

This week we are collecting all the rest of our things but unfortunately not my little tree. No it hasn’t been stolen or at least by people but hungry badgers. Attracted by the Cyclamen bulbs or fancying a Acer snack the trough was dug out. The hole dug by them under the storage unit bore evidence to the fact that is where it had gone.

A little part of my life’s history taken by badgers! I used to play with my Pippa dolls in that sink with the tree that turned into a park tree in my game. A snapped off branch from when my brother’s basketball fell on it and the memory of him being in a little bit of trouble with my Nan. She loved that tree and rightly so. I have to confess to feeling more than a little bit sad. This little tree was more than just a tree!

This week we will bring back the heavy stone sink with no tree but with plans to plant it up with something in memory of my sister so what ever grows in there it will always be special.


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4 Responses to "For the love of tree’s"

  1. 76sunflowers says:

    Our garden has one proper tree – a twisted willow that we nurtured after finding it looking very sorry for itself way beneath a laurel bush. Laurel is long gone and now the tree is huge! I hope you find something perfect to plant in your sister’s memory x x

    1. Ali says:

      I think a tree completes a garden, however big or small it is! Yes me too, Bex and I will choose part of me wants something that will hopefully go on for a long time like an Acer again. But her name is Heather as she was called that because she was nearly born in the Heather on Exmoor near where my Grandparents lived so we are swayed towards planting it with Heather plants too! x x x

  2. Molly says:

    My mum and dad had an Acer tree in the front garden of the house I grew up in and I still miss it now they have moved! I think trees are incredibly calming. We have an apple tree in the garden of the house we are currently living in and I’m really enjoying seeing the colours of the leaves change from the bedroom window and looking at the fruit ripen and change colours too.

    1. Ali says:

      Yes tree’s are really calming and Acer’s are beautiful! It is funny how tree’s have such an effect on our memories rather nice I think! Apple tree’s offer lots of lovely changes don’t they? I really am enjoying the beautiful colour of the Beech tree at the moment as I know all to soon it will be bare! Thanks for stopping by :-)

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