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5 ways to enjoy your Sunday more

As I said before, Sunday is a great day for me, and we all want to enjoy it the most we can.

So how can we make it even better by not spending any or hardly any money.

1. Start your day by really enjoying your morning drink, don’t just drink it really enjoy it.

Every other day I gulp down my tea usually half cold whilst
doing pack lunches or feeding the hungry washing machine or hungry children but Sundays despite my children are still hungry and so is my washing machine some how it is well calmer.

2. If you have to do some housework.

Then learn to dance with that hoover put on some music and do a few twirls before attacking the toilet with all those feel good endorphins buzzing around your forget your doing house work. Remember that ironing is seriously bad for your health, the withdrawal symptoms from giving up ironing are short lived and a quick fix of the occasional shirt, dress or skirt is allowed but only when really necessary.

3. Go sniff out some spring.

If you have a garden just open the back door and take a deep breath. If not seek out your nearest green area, the smell of cut grass or sweet spring flowers will send happy Spring and Summer is on it’s way messages to your brain.

4. Make yourself lighter.

No we are talking feet here, so trust me on this. Grab yourself a bowl of water (big enough to put your feet in) , shower gel, some salt or sugar, a towel and moisturiser. Squirt some shower gel in bowl put your feet in for a couple of minutes (longer if you want), squirt some shower gel on your hand, mix in either the salt and sugar (approx 1 tsp) and massage into your feet. Spend a couple of minutes on each foot. Rinse your feet, pat dry with towel and apply moisturiser.

Of course if you have special foot goodies use these. For some weird reason and most probably because everything is connected to the feet this really makes you feel lighter, although don’t test this with the scales it’s not a weight thing !!!


5. Have a laugh.

The world’s your oyster here, from doing something silly with the kids (mine like doing impressions and you can really get into the swing of this!), watching something that makes you laugh (Friends for me!) or remembering something really funny that once happened but what ever it is a good laugh makes us feel fab.

So here is to a good Sunday ladies (or gentlemen if your reading this!) have a happy Sunday.


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6 Responses to "5 ways to enjoy your Sunday more"

  1. Old Fashioned Mummy says:

    All very good advice. I confess to some Saturday night ironing, only cos I have a top to return to preschool’s spare clothes bag & so am indulging OH by ironing his shirts! Happy Sunday don’t forget its an hour shorter though!

    1. Ali says:

      Yes the ironing thing is something I have never done unless really needed, us Mum’s have enough to do without wasted it over a hot iron !!! Happy Sunday to you too and very :( that it’s is a hour shorter but made up by the fact the evenings will be lighter hurray !!!

  2. northernmum says:

    oooh I do feel a little happier now just reading it!

    bit late to enjoy my first cuppa though!


    1. Ali says:

      Good I am glad I made you feel happier :) I managed to avoid doing any housework today as it was so sunny but did lots of silly dances and very silly badminton to make up for it :) xx

  3. Lovely post. Made me laugh. I must try hoovering in music..might even loss a few pounds:)

    1. Ali says:

      It’s the only way to hoover you know :) just beware while doing crazy twists and turns by the window that you don’t have a audience, having said that it would give them a good smile :)

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