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What is Dukkah from Olives Et Al

olives-et-alDukkah! Have you ever heard of it? Well I had not until Tedi got in touch with me. I have enjoyed olives and olive oil by Olives Et Al before they are gorgeous and transport me back to holiday’s in Greece. I love food that can take you back on holiday without the expense, don’t you?

But anyway back to the Dukkah. Well Dukkah was actually discovered in Egypt by the inspiring Annie & Giles Henschel who in 1992 headed off on motorbikes on an adventure, discovering wonderful foods and flavours. When they returned they realised what was available in the U.K was not a good reflection of what was available and so Olives Et Al was born. Dukkah is a perfect mix of toasted nuts, seeds and spices all our freshly ground to make well quite frankly an addictive mix. I love flavours like this and confess to have had several teaspoons of it straight out of the jar! This can incorporate very easily flavours from far away to your food. It was suggested to rub on lamb before slowly cooking with onions, garlic and wine but I am not a big lamb fan so I cooked it up with some turkey.

The flavour transformed the turkey into something very delicious. I simply heated some Olives Et Al olive oil, which is gorgeous by the way then added some sliced onions and cooked for a few minutes. Then add some sliced up turkey breasts and cook until the turkey is turning colour, add some crushed garlic and 1-2 tablespoons of Dukkah cook for a further 5 minutes then add half a glass of white wine and cook gently until the wine has reduced and the turkey is cooked. It did not turn out the most prettiest
of dishes but what it lacked in beauty it made up in flavour! It got the BIG thumbs up all around!

Dukkah turkey

I served mine with Dukkah roasted potatoes and steamed veg. To make the Dukkah roast potatoes you simply prepare your potatoes as you usually would for roasties then I brushed the potatoes with Olives Et Al Olive Oil then sprinkled Dukkah over the potatoes and roasted as usual. They looked as gorgeous as they tasted!

But Dukkah also lends itself to be sprinkled on salads to take you somewhere slightly more exotic than your kitchen table. Add some of Olives Et Al olives to the salad and maybe some feta cheese and you have a perfect lunch. I drizzled mine with some of the flavoured olive oil from the olives, simply delicious!

Dukkah Salad

Dukkah is also traditionally used for dipping bread in. Just take some nice bread, a little dish of olive oil and a little dish of Dukkah and you have also the perfect snack or simple starter. Just dip your bread in the oil and then in the Dukkah, gorgeous! A very friendly way to share food with friends and family!

Olives Et Al have a fantastic choice of things to take you on a flavour adventure! You can buy Dukkah online or at one of Olives Et Al Deli’s.

80g of Dukkah is £4 or you can buy the gorgeous Lord Love Dukkah hat box for £25.

We were sent the Lord Love Dukkah hat box. This has transformed many a meal for us, especially my lunches as I am a HUGE olive fan so at £25 I think it is excellent value and a store cupboard investment but also will make a perfect gift too. I am thinking for my brother for Christmas.

It has been great to meet the flavours of Dukkah! There is all but a tiny amount left in the bottom of the jar, I think I will replenish it soon.

These were just a few idea’s what you can do with Dukkah. Did I mention it also makes a great seasoning for homemade popcorn too! Try it and you will find way’s to let Dukkah work its magic!

Dukkah is naturally wonderful and has no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. It is also gluten-free. Not only does it taste good it is good for you too with health benefits from the seeds, spices and nuts too!

Check out Olives Et Al to see their wonderful collection of foods and flavours they offer us! To find a local Olives Et Al stockist near you search here

I would like to thank Tedi for sending me the Lord Love Dukkah hat box, it was a huge hit! But the biggest thanks for introducing me to the gorgeous flavour of Dukkah I love it!


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  1. Anna says:

    Yum! Sounds like I need a jar of this!

    1. Ali says:

      It really is delicious! Highly recommend, some much you can do with it I will be buying more!

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