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Life changes it is the nature of the beast. There is nothing we can do to stop it and if things stayed the same, well it just would not work would it?

Things here at the Over a Cuppa household has changed massively in less than a year. Some good things, some things that have been hard to cope with or even accept and good things that have presented us with problems or being fairer, challenges would be a better word.

So taking a different viewpoint on things can lead you to seeing things in a totally different way. Sometimes you can do this yourself and sometimes it is someone else who has to help you look at it in a different direction. It can be as different as looking to the left as you walk out your house and then to the right.

Think about it, everything whether it is an object, a problem or situation, they all can be looked at in different ways. Change your viewpoint and well what you see or feel will change. Even having the sunshine out can make what was awful yesterday on a grey day, seem better. So how do we have a more sunny outlook even when things feel grey inside.

Dogs in the sun and enjoying the moment!
Dogs in the sun and enjoying the moment!

Looking at all the little positives can really help. Silly things like actually taking time to enjoy your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, can track your mind into a better direction. In the same way waking up rushed after a bad night and telling yourself your day is doomed will track your mind into having a worse day.

While I type this, I am still shaking off a horrible dream, you know the ones that stay with you. I also have the tail end of a cold which is just hanging around a bit. My head is in overload cycle, lots of things to think about and a fair bit that worries me too. So how do I stop all of this rolling out into a day of well crapness?

Well I think I need to unload my head a bit, I won’t bore you with the details as I may be typing till midnight if I did! Then I will take a different view of things that are worrying me. I will stop and enjoy and not just drink a cup of tea and maybe stick on some lipstick, a spritz of perfume always changes the way I think, strange but true. Then take a walk in the park and let my head think about nothing but that moment in time rather than the past, present and the future all in one thought together like it usually is!

How do you bring sunshine into a grey day and stop your head being overloaded?










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