Dear Bully

Two different letters from two different view points.


Dear Bully,

Have you ever thought to stop doing what you’re doing making people’s lives miserable? For once in your life stop keeping this pathetic almost invincible act up it may fool some people, but others like myself can see right through you and that’s the only reason I am coping!

What does it really achieve calling people names, spreading rumors about them, excluding them and bad mouthing them it’s not going to get you a job or a good exam grade it won’t make your life any better.  One day the popularity will slip through your fingers when you finally take it one step to far.

When I look at people like you I almost feel sorry for you, the fact you have to hurt others to feel good about yourself is pretty low so you obviously don’t have very good self-esteem then and that’s just one of your issues!!! One day will you be able to look in the mirror and respect yourself because if you keep up what you’re doing there’s no chance of that happening.

People actually want  to help people like you and you should accept that help before it’s to late. If you think really deeply do you want to remain like this forever a person who enjoys hurting others and never has genuine friends, so you think those people are your “friends”  they’re just scared of you and don’t want to be hurt themselves they may sneer and make nasty comments with you, but it’s only because they are weak almost like you as a bully.

I spent years crying over people like you, but now I’ve realised it has only made me stronger. I still get hurt by these things much like many many others do and not all of them will ever become stronger, you could actually have had an effect on their future think about that?

From someone you have hurt

P.S For people who do get bullied tell someone you trust talking about it can only help you. The reason I am stronger and coping is due to my mum she has helped me realised what cowards these people are and that it is their problem not yours, and I thank her for that!

Dear Bully,

Over the years I have often tried to get into your head to see what is going on in there. Though gladly I have never let you into mine but I know far to many that have.

I could write a book of excuses for the way you behave, for what you do to others. Those excuses are not for you though, they are to give to your victims a possible explanation of why. Victim, did that make you think? Do you think ‘victims’ are people who experience much worse than what you do. Something that maybe would hold a prison sentence? Though can I tell you that your victim’s may be just be the ones to serve the sentence. The sentence that you have put on them.

Though does that make you feel more powerful, knowing just that? That what you have done will echo through their lives, through their family and through their friends.

When you look around to your friends, what do you see? Do you see people who care for you or people who are afraid of what you may do to them? When you look in mirror, who do you see? Do you see the person that you really are? Do you know what you have done, what you are doing? Can you look at that face and think, I am happy with who I am? Can you go to sleep at night and be happy for what you have done for that day?

For me I wish I could get into your heads, every last one of you. But not to do what you have done to others because I like to sleep at night, I like to look in the mirror and know I happy with who I am and I like to surround myself with friends who care.

So dear bully, despite the fact you think you hold the power, I would like to tell you that you don’t. That if I could get into your head it would be only to offer help.

From a Mum and friend to someone you have hurt

P.s Dear any victims of bullying, Talk to someone and be strong because the bully only has the power if you let them have it. xxx

There are lots of resources to help beat bullying in fact Beat Bullying is a great place to start. One day I would like to write in this space that we have beaten bullying, one day I know I will.

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