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Creating space – under stair storage

Under the stairsIf you followed some of my project downsize you will know I got rid of lots of our belongings and furniture. Some were sold and lots were given away to various charities and good causes plus a few friends got lucky too!

Despite thinking we had got rid of enough to fit our downsize now I am not quite so sure. A few miles from here in a dark and lonely lock up you will find about 60% of our belongings. Books, kitchen equipment (sob), lego, dvd’s, board games, shoes, bags, memories, bikes, Christmas decorations, ironing board (that can stay!) and enough cuddly toys that would have kept the Generation Game (showing my age!) going for many years!

Yep that still is a lot of stuff to house in our new home. The house itself  is about 35% smaller than our old one. Storage wise it seems more like 65% smaller. Yep that lovely loft that took me weeks to sort and clear could come in handy for at least the memories and Christmas decorations.

Strangely here we has to make a loft space, the access to the loft is through a hole in a cupboard on the stairs. A whole that obviously was made by someone other than a builder or anyone who remotely new what a tool box was!!!

understair cupboardSo without a roof space and limited storage in the kitchen to bring home my collection of kitchen equipment collected over my so far adult life I need to create some space.

So it is hello under stair cupboard. A space which is as big as the underneath of your stairs and that can be a good old space that is wasted for just a hoover and a giant shoe store!!!

Our old under stair cupboard wasn’t as big as this one, but when organised provide a nifty bit of space. Our new under stair cupboard is spacey enough to have a loo in, would open up to a lovely little home office type affair and if you ever want under stair cupboard idea’s then pop to Pinterest and like many of the things you find there you will go WOW!

For me I need space for a few shoes at the bottom. A place to put coats, school bags and p.e kits bags etc, but most importantly I need space to put some of the contents of the kitchen because cooking and baking to me is important part of family life and short of a kitchen extension whether I stick with the old kitchen or have a new one there is only so much space it can provide!

I would love to have owned the under stair cupboard as a walk in larder but we all know we don’t get what we want always, so I am happy with the way our new project to create extra storage is going. Of course right now the finished project is all in my mind and I am hoping my mind isn’t playing tricks that this is a fantastic solution. In the meantime there is painting in awkward places, a few holes to plaster and a space to organise to the maximum without it feeling cramped or chaotic!!!

So do you have a  under stair cupboard you love and you have used it for some natty thing other than a broom and coat cupboard? I would love to know. All idea’s gratefully received!



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