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Creating the perfect kitchen

It is funny how viewpoints change. Obviously the perfect kitchen would be big, so there I stumble on creating mine! But really what makes a perfect kitchen is going to be down to individual taste and needs. We are currently revamping our kitchen after deciding we really could not justify the cost of a brand new one! Goodbye was said to the fact I would have loved a range or at least a double oven which is what I have been used since my first house and the tender age of 20! A gas hob was also waved goodbye to and the need to get used to the already installed Halogen Hob, rather like an induction hob it is much easier to clean but after over 20 years of cooking on gas it does take a bit of getting used too!

Fridge FreezerOur first purchase for the kitchen and indeed the house was a new Fridge Freezer. Our fridge freezer had died months before we moved you may remember me writing about it so we were using a very old freezer owned since I was 19, yes I know! Plus a little fridge that came with the old house when we bought it. The freezer was donated to a friend who had his eye on it and the little fridge came with us but was put at the very back of the unit we stored our belongings in before we could move in here! So two days without a fridge in the summer and then finally the new one arrived! Of course my perfect kitchen would be big enough to contain a fridge freezer more like the size of the one opposite which is by Electrolux, but we all know we can’t have everything perfect!

So while I was reassuring myself not to spend the money on a new kitchen, I did really think that what you need to make your perfect kitchen is all the things you use. Oven, hob, fridge, freezer, dishwasher (nice but not needed as such!), kitchen sink, work top space, kettle (how could I not list that first!), toaster, somewhere to sit and eat (not always possible but was a must tick on my house search!), microwave is handy (though currently living without) and your favourite cooking equipment and dishes etc etc not forgetting the must important food and drink! The rest of course is cosmetic.

So here we have the basics you need for the perfect kitchen. My husband has been very busy, sanding, priming, painting, filling to getting close to that perfect kitchen which has cost us a whole lot less than a new one! I will be sharing the results of his work and a little bit of mine very soon.

Add baskets (I do love a basket!), hanging saucepan thingy (!) and shelves with jars and you can see that the decision not to spend thousands of pounds was the right one.

We are still finishing off bits of the kitchen but when it is nearly ready I will share so perhaps creating your perfect kitchen is not quite so far out of reach!

If you are looking for kitchen inspiration from a small job to a slightly bigger project Electrolux Pinterest page has lots of idea’s and even recipes too!

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