Christmas twigs

Christmas traditions old and new

Christmas is a great time for family traditions, they don’t have to be big or flashy. In fact the more simple they are the better as they are more likely to stick. Some of the traditions here link back to my childhood, others purely because it is nice and this years new one to save money but it worked out really well. Well mine have, we will wait to see about the rest of them!!!

Cones at Christmas

Christmas cones collection

I love cones all but one lot we have picked up on walks. When we stayed in Wales 18 months ago there were several huge different pines tree’s in the grounds, so Oz and I picked up a nice collection. The giant cones I have had for a good 5 or 6 years which I picked up in the park with Bex and Oz when they were little. I didn’t managed to get many as Lottie was rather partial to a chew on a cone so usually got there before me!!!

Christmas card cone holderThe big cones make great card holders and I think they look really fab.

Christmas twigsMy Christmas twigs, I sometimes get groaned at as they do take up a bit of space on the table but Christmas twigs I must have. These remind me of my Nan’s arrangement, she never had a tree always the twigs with really lovely elves on and simple decorations. I have two Elves on mine, which I made from pine cones and secretly I am rather proud of them. Every year we make some simple decorations to put on the twigs. This year a pom-pom garland and pom-pom baubles. Also some little felt decorations.

Baking on Christmas eve

It has to be done, though this year today I am going to bake Christmas biscuits with Bex and Oz then tomorrow Bex and I are going to make a chocolate Yule log using Mary Berry ‘s recipe though I am foolishly going to make it gluten-free I think.

So Christmas music and baking has to be done on Christmas eve.

P.J’s for Christmas

Yes Christmas eve it is new P.J’s for the Bex and Oz, something so nice about new P.J’s like new knickers and socks really, or is that just me?

Christmas night indoor picnic

Some may call it buffet food, other may call it nibbles but we set out a blanket on the floor and call it Christmas picnic. We have been doing this for years now, something that if asked Oscar will say this is one of the main things he likes about Christmas. It is casual, yummy and well what we do. We love it so much so we quite often repeat it on Boxing day evening too.

So those are always ones and like I said this year we have a new one I am hoping is going to stick.

Making each other cards.

I totted up how much for ‘special family cards’ it costs and thought hang on surely we could use our time and make cards. I can’t show them all here today though I will show you Cam’s as I will ban him from popping here. His was the simplest but it is simple and effective one and will make him smile (I think!). Even included chocolate and mistletoe with the promise of a kiss!!! Yes the envelope is going to be a problem, it behind the back job I think!
Homemade Christmas card

Oz’s is a bit more creative and Bex will love hers, it was creative thinking which will hopefully get the thumbs up from her. It will definitely bring a smile to her face I know.

So there we are some of our traditions, new and old. Traditions are good to have I think, those nice touches to life I think we all need. Things to create memories other than what has been unwrapped or eaten!!! Do you have any Christmas traditions?


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