Wilkinson Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations at Wilkinson

Wilkinson Christmas decorationsOn Friday I was sent a selection of Christmas decorations from Wilkinson. Which was great as we were putting up the tree that day.  Really didn’t know what was going to arrive so I was pleasantly surprised when they came.

Our tree is full of memory decorations, Santa always leaves a new one on the tree each year and my sister always sends both Bex and Oscar one each year. A tradition she started, which I love. On top of that there are lots of hearts, starting with the one I brought for my very first own tree age 20 (I think). So it is a happy mix. I am not a red and gold coordinating person I have to be honest and wooden is my more choice than glitzy too.

So you can see above what arrived from Wilkinson, I photographed it in the window as it was so dark everywhere else. As you can see lots of lovely wooden decorations there and a heart, thank you!!! I love the fact they are bark ones and gives it a really rustic feel and are a bargain at just £1. The wooden mushroom £1.50 was really lovely too, there is a bark candle with another heart carved out which is a bargain at £2.

Wilkinson Christmas decorations bark heart

The squirrel and deer are really well made and actually rather cute. The squirrel looks really sweet in the tree.

Wilkinson Christmas decorations squirrel

They also sent some gold ribbon, which I will be using to hang up the cards with but also great for just tying bows on the tree. There are lots on the reel but it doesn’t say how much but for £1 again a real bargain.

They sent a really sweet metal robin with mistletoe in its mouth and a metal deer which was very rustic looking both priced at £1.50

We were really impressed with the quality and the prices making them great value. Similar I have seen at much higher prices so if you are in need of  a few extra decorations or fancy a great value top up, then I suggest you pop to Wilkinson and take a look.

To find your nearest Wilkinson visit their website. You will also find plenty more bargains in store and online too.

I would like to thank Victoria and Caroline for sending us the decorations, they are a great addition to our tree.

This review has followed my strict Over a Cuppa policy of giving honest praise only when due.

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