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Picnics NZ style!

I read Ali’s picnic past, present and future with a tear in my eye.  Happy memories are made on a picnic blanket! Moving to New Zealand I had to learn a whole new language (Yes they do speak English!) however “morning tea” “bring a plate” “burn it” were all new expressions to me. Toby was 3 when we moved here and being at home with him I was always happy to meet at the beach, at playground or park but “bring morning tea” had me stumped!  Afternoon tea I can do – delicate sandwiches, dainty pastries and cakes.   Morning tea in NZ for kids means muffins, pikelets and fruit; for my husband who has morning tea meetings at work it means pies (steak pie, cheese pie or sausage rolls with a token … Read entire article »

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A viewpoint from N.Z

I was moved to write after reading my sister, Ali’s latest blog “A royal view point”.   Unlike Ali, even though I am in New Zealand and therefore had to stay awake until the wee small hours, I did watch the Royal Wedding.  We didn’t attend the big-screen viewing at a local “English pub” (yuk) or any of the numerous union jack parties and my girlfriends thought I was crazy when I suggested wearing my “wedding hat”!  So it was just me, my husband, some sausage, mash and peas and champers! My initial reaction was “Wow look at the architecture!”  NZ has many, many things going for it but stunning buildings, steeped in history is not one of them.  “Wow – stained glass windows, bath stone, terraced Georgian buildings, cobbled streets, wrought … Read entire article »

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Anzac Day

Today is Anzac day which is the time Australians and New Zealanders remember the people who served and died in all wars and peace keeping operations. It marks the anniversary of the first major action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces. Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. At a personal level I wish we would learn from the losses of war and really think whether fighting is the answer. I know today many celebrate this day and one of the things they may well be doing is baking Anzac biscuits. Anzac biscuits are said to have been baked by wives and sent to the soldiers, as these biscuits don’t spoil easily. My sister, now living in New Zealand (yes we miss you) sent me this recipe and even cooked them … Read entire article »

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