Cake and Cardboard

This blog post was going to be titled ‘Cake, Cardboard and Cr*p’ but I decided to cut the ‘Cr*p out of it. Of course I can’t promise from this point to the end of the post I don’t add any detail about the  ‘Cr*p but then to be honest my ‘Cr*p today is quite small compared to other people’s bigger ‘Cr*p’

Life is good

So lets move on to ‘Cardboard’ and indeed pretty things. Yes cardboard can be pretty, as my Next directory’s hit the door step on Saturday, actually it didn’t hit the door step the bell rang and our lovely Next delivery man handed them over but like lots of us it was opened within the hour. As I opened it and properly I might add I was left with a cardboard shell that looked like a stationary holder. As I looked again I thought that just asking to be used but not as it is.

As you know or maybe you don’t I keep my Next directory in my big basket, not seen that post before well good aren’t they! So this cardboard shape was just asking not to be put in the recycling and used for something else. Well it is out with the old and in with the new so my old Next directory which is full of pretty things helped out.

Okay so it is not wow spectacular but hey come on it looks pretty. It gave me thirty mins of cutting and sticking (very therapeutic I might add!) plus also some drooling over the gorgeous things! The children picked out some pages. Bex chose the ‘Life is good’  which is ironic as that is the missing ‘Cr*p’ of this post. We all love the ‘I heart home’ cushion which is not surprising as we are all so.lucky we love being at home.  Then there are just pretty things, flowers and lovely colours and a bit studenty it might be, but I rather like it!!!

Pretty things!


Then so to cake, yes Saturday we baked a scrummy cake. It looks scrummy but I haven’t tasted it. I thought it was only fair to do a cake with added gluten, my family suffer enough gluten-free goodies so we went the whole hog with this. As I had some gorgeous cake storage tins for Christmas I feel cake should be in at least one of them! Plus my Mermaid tin is begging to be used more and more!

So Bex made the Cinnamon and Nutella cake that I had last made when Bex went to the Isles of Scilly for her first school camp in year 6. Yes lucky girl going there for a school trip. We were all asked to make a homemade cake for them to all share at camp before bed with hot chocolate. How lovely was that. This cake proved rather popular with children and teachers I do believe so it was great to make it again.

So here is a slice for you 🙂 our Nutella sank which gave a rather good I am told chocolately bottom!

Do you want tea with that!

Sorry a little scatty post today but well that is the way I am feeling, enjoy your cake! 🙂

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