Blog Camp Bristol for me

I had no idea what to expect from blog camp Bristol, who would be there or anything really. This was the first ‘Blog’ thing I had done.

After a overnight stay at my brother’s, a bus trip feeling slightly nauseous was had. Thinking was it nerves or that the Indian take away from the night before was having a adverse effect. Outside the M-Shed a quick ask “Are you here for the blog camp?” at a never met before Lorraine from Squeaky baby and I knew blog camp would be alright and any nausea had disappeared.

A needed ‘cuppa’ was had, before heading into the rather gorgeous conference room.

A quick intro from Sally from Who’s the Mummy and Tots 100 , and the lady behind the blog camps. She looks like she has a fab sense of humour as well as a impressive skill set.

Chris Mosler from Thinly Spread was our first speaker and what a lady she is. Her ethics are amazing but for me what stood out the most is the difference she has made. She has such passion, but also gave us the knowledge that what is important to us if we are passionate enough is something we can make a difference with too.

Elizabeth Winkler from Real Food Lover was our next speaker. She helped us by talking about our blog from a angle. As mainly parent bloggers we have a certain angle but as my blog grows up I am now more clear what my angle should be. This gave me the incentive to really decide on a angle and work towards that.

Having said that she also said experiment and have fun. With tips on making it easy to read and a top tip to read out loud your blog as well as re-reading it several times.

Phil Szomszor from the blog The Red Rocket who also works for a PR company. It was great to hear the PR point of view and as he is also a blogger too, so he is quite tame really!!!

He gave us lots of tips of how to work with PR’s more effectively and how to get noticed by PR companies as well.

A bit about safety on the internet giving us the impression that the Bristol blog camp lot were rather trusting.

Some other great pointers were scribbled down in my note book which I now have to decipher some how!!!

Last up was Lee Smallwood who blogs at Digital Flares a.k.a ‘pink fluffy slipper man’!!! My train journey home had visions of him in his pink fluffy slippers getting his supper ready!

But other than his obvious passion for the slippers he had some fantastic knowledge on SEO and lots of ways to increase your digital footprint. I have yet to get size of mine checked out.

My scribblings!!

I have lots of scribbles from this talk too, but gladly Lee is kindly sending us a E book which is great and looking at my scribbles quite necessary.

Here I am, I forgot to mention the important stuff. There was cake (yes I know I couldn’t eat it), fantastic looking sandwiches for lunch (yep again I missed it) but lots of fabulous fruit. Tea, coffee and water till your hearts content a lovely group of people and really what more could you ask for?

I also got to meet lots of new people. I missed far to many people and would of loved to of had time chat to even more. I left with the conclusion what a friendly lot ‘bloggers’ are. Even more so as the lovely Juliana @jgilling saw my perplexed look on my face of which way to get to the station and very kindly offered me a lift there.

So if you have not yet been to a Blog Camp all I can say is GO!

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