Being Cool

All this lovely sunshine makes the holidays even better doesn’t it ? My two have been just enjoying being kids really. We have escaped to the beach and there is something about it when they are there, they always seem so free.

Away from the pressures of being ‘Cool’, what is it with today that everything once they hit a certain age has to be just cool !!!

Bex my daughter and I were chatting on my bed the other day and she was making me laugh as she was saying how she talks to her friends, for example if they had seen us all out on our bikes, she would say to them in grumble speech about how she was made to go out and do a family thing because…….. It was very funny as when I then asked if she liked going out on the bikes and she said she loved it!

When out on the Camel Trail yesterday it was busy, so on the trail she was a bit grumpy. We went off into the woods and rode the bikes away from civilisation and we have a  different child.

I am quite sure most pre-teens and teens feel like this, it would be so nice if they could just enjoy themselves for what they enjoy and not what others expect. There we go, I am lucky (touch wood) that at the moment despite hormones raging we get on really well so fingers crossed that will last, well until I become a complete embarrasement no doubt some time soon !!!!

So today we are off catching the train to the bright lights of Plymouth, the biggest town near us. Though to be honest I am always glad to get off the train on the way home which the station is in a woods. I know nice 🙂 !

Both my two have sold some of their old toys on Ebay, so now have some extra money to spend.  Since I joined the Become a Mumpreneur course they both seem to have taken on board a good few tips, so toys cleaned and photographed and a slightly less cluttered room and ker-ching as they would say.

Lego will be the order of the day for Oscar and Bex is Build a Bear (no Bex you are not to old for this). Bex blogs on a Bear site, she writes every day (more than me) replies to all her comments (I always do too) and even arranged a competion for which she has several entries and the prize, some free publicity for their blog !!!

Again Bex has learnt these idea’s from me joining BAM so again thanks to BAM as I am quite sure when Bex goes to University she will be earning money in quite a different way to the rest of the students.

Well the City calls or at least the children do.

Enjoy your day x


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