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March already and I planned to start this by the end of January, having said that I have plotted and planned, written and re-written, checked and unchecked and read so many fabulous blogs I have ended up thinking can I really write a blog. So I talked myself out of it but then ta da (!) here I am.

Firstly I would like to dedicate my first post to the lovely ladies at Become a Mumpreneur without stumbling upon them (not sure how I did) I would not be writing this. I feel like I am at the Oscar’s, yes I have great imagination !

Back to those lovely ladies Erica Douglas, Antonia Chitty with the help of Carol Smith they have come up with a fabulous course Become a Mumpreneur, well course is a understatement ! If you’re prepared to throw yourself into the course it will change your thinking, give you piles of idea’s and inspiration. It is where a whole lot of us ladies, girlies, Mum’s and the odd man (they are not odd really!) are there to help each other out whether to give advice and information and a bit of encouragement or what ever is needed.

So if you are looking to create income so you have a life work balance and not the other way around, these ladies should be able to help you, after all there is alot of things we want to do so we don’t want to spend all our time working do we ?

What else does the course give you well you get E lessons with tasks to do (great motivator for people like me), there is a members area, live chat, lots of multi media study material and most of all a whole lot of inspiration. Pop over to see what the ladies have to offer, you won’t regret it.

So thanks Ladies and I hope you are watching this space !!!

Not forgetting thanks ( I am back at the Oscar’s) to my lovely husband whose has built this blog space for me, changed the colours very many times and done all that other techy stuff ! Finally my 2 lovely children who will inspire and help with many future posts.

Thanks to you too for reading !!!

Just to mention if you do click the Mumpreneur  banner and join up, the lovely ladies will send me some money, this hasn’t influenced my judgement of this fab course. The over a cuppa policy is to offer genuine praise when it is deserved !!!

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