Basket Love

I am not sure if I should have titled this ‘Basket Love’ or ‘Basket Case’ but I have always been a bit partial to a basket. I See any kind of basket and I am instantly drawn to it. I put it down to my lovely wicker chair I had as a child and the fact my Mum always used a wicker shopping basket. Thinking of that I remember the love of having to have a wicker basket for cookery lessons. It’s calico or plastic bags for them these days!

Anyway I thought I would show you my newish baskets. Now don’t yawn because these baskets help me ‘Mrs Chaos’ to appear less chaotic!!!

So let me introduce you to my smallest basket. Meet the basket that mainly hold bills, post, my purse, usually my camera but I am taking the picture with it and basically anything that used to be put on this Work top as a dumping ground.

So great place to hide your depressing bills, a piece of orange felt, a candle you know that sort of thing!!

Now my favourite, my medium basket. This sits on the kitchen table, easily moved when it is dinner time but this hides and yes it is hides, the clutter that used to be dumped on the table. You know the school letters, forms to go back, pens, pencils, drawings you know the kind of thing. But now just pop it in the basket and tra la a tidy kitchen table.

As you can see my table baskets holds all sorts of things. Goggles (!), hairbrush to save the great hairbrush hunt in the morning, my well-loved furry address book and stuff. Lots of clutter but a tidy kitchen table!!!

To my last basket, the big one. This holds mainly magazines, more drawings etc and it does make it easier to keep the paper clutter contained and apart from the mass breeding of Lego on the floor a not to untidy sitting room.

Now I know now your asking what happens when the baskets are full….well I will tell you when I get to that point!!!

So there you have my Three little (or not so little) baskets. Who would know a basket could create the elusion that ‘Moi’ is not messy!!!

So there is my basket love. Do you have a secret weapon to making you life look more organised than it really is??? Please share as the baskets are getting quite full 🙂

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