Ballzoons Reviewed – Fab for inside or out and little and big kids

If you read Wednesday’s post you will realise that we have been experiencing rather wet weather, so why oh why would I be encouraging you outdoors with your kids. Well one, being indoors is no fun is it and two with Wednesday’s guide we know how to stay dry now!!!

But all joking aside as you know my two are 13 and Oscar will be 11 in a just over a week. Yes it makes me feel old, I know!!! One thing that is glaring obvious with Bex’s age group is somehow and I apoligise now if you are one of them (well sort of!) it seems that parents forget there teens still actually do like playing around outside with their family. Now after a recent chat I had with Bex and she been chatting to a large group of her friends all of whom feel that Bex is lucky because she get’s on with us. I got thinking and thought just small things like hanging out in the garden well is just great. Having fun, laughing and a bit of exercise too is not much to ask but is valued hugely.

Given though that Bex is at the age where parents and hanging out in the park would not go hand in hand street credibility wise (u noes watt I sayin’ bruv) or how ever it might go!!! It means hanging out in the garden is a great option. So when our Ballzoons review samples came there was much excitement.
Ballzoons ballOne, firstly I love the concept of these. Basically a fun and rather jazzy cover that you blow up a balloon inside it and use a very clever tie thingy and well off you go. You can make it heavier by partially adding water, for outside use just in case it splits!!! We love playing balloon volley ball which usually happens around birthday times only, so these are perfect.

Oz and Ballzoon Mega

What I loved about the Ballzoons is you can use them indoors without any fear of breaking anything. In fact Oscar and I had a few games over the kitchen table whilst he was waiting for the time he usually heads off to school. If you are short of space, just take off the tie and let the air out the balloon and you have something easy to store, the small ones are about the size of a medium pair of knickers so easy to store!!!

The larger Ballzoon well think beach ball size when full up, more size wise suited for outdoors unless you have a particular spacious house that is. Again we played Volley ball, catch, football and general muck about with it. It was loads of fun and we all enjoyed it.

Though on this post I am promoting hanging out with your older children, Ballzoons are equally suited for the younger ones. I love them so much I can see me buying these for my nephews.

The ‘Huge Ballzoons‘ retails at £7.99 which I think is good value. What I love about this size is it can take a regular balloon, so if you get a ‘pop’ it is cheap and easy to replace. It is common sense that balloons can pop even with a cover so a bag of extra balloons in the kitchen draw will mean there is no stop to play. Having said that only one balloon popped over a long period of time and this was only when Oscar threw it really hard on the ground and it was the one that contains water. Air only filled ones are going to be able to take a lot more abuse!!!

The ‘Mega Ballzoon‘  retails at £14.99 again a good price though you need a larger size balloon. Having said that two are provided with this size but that would be the only downside I can see if you needed to replace it. They are not huge balloons but off the top of my head I wouldn’t know where to buy any of these size balloons.

Both having recently won the Judge’s Choice Award at the Toyology.TV Outdoor Toy Awards in May 2012 which is fantastic and I can really see why.

There are lots of fun designs to choose from though some more girly ones would have been nice to see as us girls like to play too!!! All in all for hours and hours of fun, easy storage, lots of laughs, and a bit of a exercise I would highly recommend them.

Ballzoon Huge with a mix of air and water not to full capacity

We will certainly be hanging out in the garden with them this summer and when it rains will be using it indoors. Great for holidays too as easily stored so perfect to pack.

I am all for things like this as entertainment wise they are great value and as a recent article said that the average day out costs £80 for a family of four lots of us will be restricting those. Plus the great thing about hanging out in your garden is your always close to the kettle for a cuppa!!!

Ballzoons are available at Good Toy Stores and online

I would like to thank Emma for sending us the Ballzoons we really think they are fab and we are looking forward to loads more fun with them 🙂

I would like to thank Bex for helping me out with the ‘groovy’ slang. She doesn’t speak like that honest 🙂

We were sent the above items for the purpose of this review which followed my strict Over a Cuppa policy of only giving honest praise when due





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