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I mentioned the Bake Box before Christmas and I am so excited to be joining them for this year. After the first box I can already see this year will be one to improve my baking skills. Certainly improving on my weak points being decorating. Though some may class me as creative, when it comes to cake decorating I am pretty useless. But as you can see from the biscuits above, when you are shown how it can make all the difference.

I have never used fondant icing or sugar paste as it is otherwise know as on biscuits before. But don’t they look fab? Bex my 16 year old was totally in love with them and told me these were bakery standard! Not sure which bakery but praise indeed. The biscuits were gorgeous too, though I tweaked the recipe to make them gluten-free. I feel I have mastered a gorgeous gluten-free biscuit recipe that is delicious and perfect for shaped biscuits.

Decorating them was really fun, a little fiddly sometimes, and as you can see spots were my favourite!


In Bake Box 1 was all these goodies, along with 6 recipes to try and the tools you need to perfect the pretty part of these bakes. The Bundt mould is gorgeous and I am loving the rich chocolate recipe that came with it. I used this recipe and just swapped the flour for gluten-free but feel I need to make a few more tweaks as the moisture absorbing gluten-free flour left it a bit dry on first attempt. Shall add a few more tweaks probably in the shape of ground almonds and hopefuly have a beautiful Bundt to share with you. The mould itself is really good and strong. The flexible silicone makes it easier to get it out than in the metal Bundt tin I have.

The dress biscuit cutter is really good quality and metal which I like for a biscuit cutter. I like to be a bit versatile so I also think the dress cutter also looks like a cat too!

The spotty plungers are super, and really easy to use. Dots are going to be everywhere this year! The cutting gadget for the fondant stripes was useful. For the dress belts I used the middle section of dress cutter so perfect size!

The step by step recipes included in Bake Box 1 are:

Fashionista biscuits – As made which I totally love

Chocolate Bundt Cake – Lovely rich chocolate cake with an unusual twist on the icing for decorating it.

Striped Birthday cake – A cake with stripes and spots but easily achievable with the gadgets in the Bake Box.

Blueberry Charlotte – With fun stripes on the outside and clever secret spots through the middle.

Pinwheel lemon cupcakes – Really pretty pinwheel fondant topping.

Polka dot Swiss roll – Yes we have seen it done on The Great British Bake Off now to try it at home.

They all come in a handy folder to keep them neat and tidy.

As part of your subscription you also get free access to the Bake Club with lots of baking and decorating tutorials and tips.

Already with Bake Box 1, I feel I have improved skills simply by doing them. If I had not got the subscription I really would not of used fondant icing on biscuits. These really fairly simple techniques gave I think great results and has inspired me to do more of this sort of thing for special occasions and treats. I still love my no faff healthy bakes too but really loved doing something different.


When the Bake Box contacted me initially, other than the fab idea of a surprise box of baking goodies sent every two months what grabbed me was the chance to do something different. Massive tick for Bake Box 1, mission achieved and it has given me lots of idea’s too. This is what I think this subscription should be about, building up confidence to do different things, giving them a try and being inspired to use the tools for other things. Like a dress cutter as a cat! Most of all enjoying it.

To get the next box, which is out in March with the theme Springtime in Paris (exciting!) pop over to Bake Box for all the information and subscribe by the end Of February. Subscriptions start at £14.99 plus £2.99 for postage which I think  is great value. The contents are valued at around £40. There are free lovely goodies if you sign up for more than just a one off box.


4 comments on “Bake box – spots and stripes

  1. Kizzy
    February 27, 2016 at 10:30 am

    One to add to my list for when I have some more time. Love your decorations, they look too good to eat.

    • Ali
      February 27, 2016 at 1:49 pm

      They were also too tasty not to eat 🙂 it is a lovely box and something that will be confidence but also there are always easier recipes that children can help with too. Children and teens would have lots of fun decorating these biscuits xx

  2. katie
    February 27, 2016 at 11:30 am

    this looks like a great idea, and it being 2-monthly seems like a nice pace too! beautiful biscuits x

    • Ali
      February 27, 2016 at 1:47 pm

      Yes having it every 2 months is a good pace indeed, every month would be too much. This is perfect! Thank you I love making the biscuits and was really proud of the results x

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