Baileys Coffee Hour

Say Baileys and I think Christmas, always a bottle in my parents drinks cabinet at Christmas when I was growing up. Do people still have drinks cabinets?!! I remember being allowed a little bit in a tiny glass and spending ages getting the last of it out with my little finger!!! Though occasionally having it since then it has been years since I have tasted it, so when Luke told me about the ‘Baileys coffee Hour’ I thought I give it another go.

Baileys have come up with a few recipes to try but my favourite has to be the simplest which is with coffee, warm milk and Baileys or as I had it with just coffee which I have to say was rather perfect!!!

It does have coffee in the glass too, honest!

You forget how by simply adding something to coffee it transforms it. Baileys has such a distinct taste and by adding just 25ml to a good cup of coffee was quite simply lovely. So you are not over doing the alcohol which makes it a perfect treat and it really did taste like a really special coffee. I will confess to using instant, I know and honestly was SO nice 🙂

Add friends, some warmth, some good chocolate and you can have yourself a wonderful Baileys coffee hour or two this winter. But lets not forget the guys because Baileys added to coffee is going to get ticks from them too, well my husband gave it a big tick so…..

Would also say that it would finish off a nice meal really nicely too, so one to think on when you have friends around for a meal. ‘Let’s retire to the lounge for a Baileys coffee and chocolate, sounds good right?’.

Get some fab recipes if you want to take it a level up from just adding to Baileys to coffee from The Baileys website

Or like them on Baileys GB Facebook page where I see one of their reasons to love Autumn is Baileys with hot choc, may give that a go tonight!!! They have an impressive 460K fans on their page and a rather beautiful header 🙂

Look out also for Baileys with a hint of coffee, mmm sounds lovely!!!

I would like to thank Luke for sending me the Baileys and re-introducing me back to it very much enjoyed.

This review has followed my strict Over a Cuppa policy of giving honest praise only when due.



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