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One thing over the last few years that bugs me is buying good food and also healthy food and it costing so much.

I am not a ‘brands snob’ or a ‘food snob’, but I like good quality food with not to much crap in it.

That is the way I have always been. Since 19 and nearly always cooking for myself, a ready meal rarely touches my lips. That’s just my taste I like fresh flavours and fresh food, I am quite happy to stock my cupboards with smart price/value  labels if the product inside is good.

I am a label person when it comes to reading what’s inside more for the  fact I can’t eat gluten, which is why when I had some goodies sent to me from Aldi I liked the fact they were clearly labeled.

There are those of you who will be shouting ‘I love Aldi’ and those of you who actually you nearly may not have got this far because you saw the word ‘Aldi’.

My nearest Aldi is 10 miles or so away and I have never been in an Aldi, so for me this is great as I get to check out their great stuff and report back to you what I thought.

I was seriously impressed by the amount of award winning products they have and at great prices, so maybe I have been missing out all these years.

So while I go and taste these products. I will say their award winning taste 2011 Almere Smoked Peppered Mackerel Fillets at just £1.49 were totally gorgeous. You can check out Aldi new Facebook page here and see what is going on in store and there could be a competition or two.

So go on then, I have got some serious chocolate to tuck into. Only so I can report back of course!!!

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