Butlins Bognor Regis

An exciting visit to Butlins

Last week I had a rather lovely email drop into my inbox with a rather lovely invite.

Firstly there was a mention of a family day, Brian Turner and us cooking with him. Now I am not one to be star struck ( I am thinking autographs, signed photo’s with us together that sort of thing!!!). But joking apart I was a huge fan of Ready Steady Cook back in the time when Brian was regularly on it. Bex was a toddler, and it was on about the time to calm down after a busy day, mine not Bex’s and watch a bit of television. The Brian Turner and James Martin combination were always my favourite and they always had a laugh and cooking yummy food should be fun, right?

So whilst the rest of the Mums were watching Cbeebies, yep we watched Ready Steady Cook. In fact I must have watched it for a good few years as Oscar remembers it too. So we now have two children who like cooking which is fab because that is exactly what we will be doing on Monday.

As you can imagine we are really looking forward to it but before Monday we get to stay at Butlins for a few nights. Now as I read this lovely email my thought process went like this.

  • ButlinsButlins Bognor Regis
  • Being teenager and wanting to go into Butlins in Minehead for a day with my best friend and just looking at it from the sea wall instead.. We were staying with my Grandparents who lived in a village just outside of Minehead.
  • Gladys Pugh (good morning campers)
  • Chalets

So when I clicked this link to Butlins I have to say I was more than just a little surprised how well, different it was than I expected. So my wish a few days earlier that we could go for a few nights at a hotel was answered (someone is looking out for me). But until last week I really had no idea how much Butlins has changed from how I have envisaged it for years. (Feel guilty that Bex and Oscar may have missed out all these years)

Butlins also wants its guests  to have enjoy a bit of nostalgia and at  Bognor Regis, coming this half-term is a new fairground with lots of the classic rides. Not of course forgetting Brian Turners restaurant ‘Turners’ which looks wonderful and aims to serve classics with a twist (which sounds like my kind of cooking) all made with the freshest of ingredients that you would only expect from a Michelin Starred chef.

Plus lots of fantastic activities and entertainment to keep us all happy.

As you can image we can not wait, so very excited and I can’t wait to update you on what we got up to when we get back.

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