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Am I a soppy Mum?

All packed and looking forward to have this lots to wash on Friday!!! They had to take their bedding too just in case you think I may have over packed, as if!!!

So Oscar is away for the week. He is off on his first ever residential and the first time he has been away from home for more than an overnight sleepover.

I bravely didn’t cry when they drove off in the coach (honest) and when I gave him a hug goodbye (I love the way he is more than happy to hug me in front of all his friends!) I swallowed hard as not to blub!!!

As I type this the house feels empty, even though he would usually be at school now. I am wishing my week away so Friday comes sooner but having said that I will make sure I enjoy some one to one time with Bex too.

So the question is am I a soppy Mum?  We had to take our children to the school hall and you were more than welcome to stay to see them off. It was in the end about a 45 minute wait so 50% of the parents stayed and 50% waited to wave goodbye. Yes I of course I waited. Now I totally understand the parents who had to be in work at a certain time but the ones who didn’t and just said to me “I not waiting around I am off!” kind of made me think.

I had already said I’d wave them off, Oscar was pleased about that. The ones whose parents didn’t stay were they any different or felt any different to the others, well probably not. They all seemed happy enough as was Oz. He was chatting away to his best friend but did keep glancing over to me and doing a little wave, which I of course sent a wave and a smile straight back.

I know my Mum would have waited to wave me off, not that I went to my year 6 residential far to much of a home girl for that!!! But as Oscar best friends Mum’s and Dad’s just left and looked at me as I was kind of mad it got me thinking. I just smiled at them and said I was waving them off as that’s the kind of Mum I am.

Parenting a funny old game isn’t it? I was going to text my friends (and they are friends too) that they all went off alright but I didn’t because well just because really!!!

I am the Mum I want to be and do you know what I am happy with that. At the end of the day it is all that matters well of course most importantly Bex and Oz are happy with that too!!!

This was written yesterday so last night Bex and I enjoyed listening to music, laughing (her laughing at me!), talking horses well not real talking horses, talking about them and birthday planning.

We had a text from School to say they arrived safely and to check their website where there was photo’s. It looks like they have got stuck in straight away. Water volley ball in 22 degree outside pool (yeah very nice!) and vertigo was overcome (yep not sure on that one!). Lots of smiling photo’s but somehow Oscar and his friends managed not to be in a single one!!! My theory here is that everyone else was smiling so they must be having a good time, right?!!!

One night chalked off 3 more to go :-)


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4 Responses to "Am I a soppy Mum?"

  1. I tried to leave a reply this morning and failed.
    I think you sound like a perfect mum.
    Different kids, different parents what works for some doesn’t for others. Some children skip into nursery without a backward glance, my son still cries when I leave him. I guess I’d be with you – hanging out till the very last moment. Enjoy your week with Bex.
    Obvs. if it was me, I’d be on the phone to school asking why my son wasn’t in any of the photos – pushy parent moi?

    1. Ali says:

      Thank you Gemma, I am sure I am far from a perfect Mum but thank you anyway :-) You are totally right different parents, different kids and if we didn’t all have our way’s we all be the same and that would be boring!!! Bex used to cry every single day going to pre-school but did stop when she was at nursery. That is so hard and it always went against the grain for me having to leave a child crying but I did.

      On the third re-check of photo’s I did see Oscar’s leg and foot, which look quite happy!!! xxx

  2. Heather says:

    As this is your 3rd article in a row that starts with Oscar leaving for a week …. I’d say soppy but you know me!!! Hope he had a fab time and you & Bex too! x

    1. Ali says:

      Of course you are right x I know I am soppy, which is why this comment made me cry and that is not because I am missing Oscar but you know what I mean. Love you and miss you and not because you are in NZ (honest) though actually thinking about it I did need you to make Bex’s birthday for her and go horse trekking, I seem to have lost my nerve!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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