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About Me

Hi I am Ali

A bit about me:

Chatter, arty crafter, chef, dog walker,a friendly ear, am terrible at jokes telling and getting, shell collector (just off the beach nothing exotic), general enjoying life, love a dance where ever, non competitive unless I want to win (!), love the sea although rubbish swimmer (!), love a good book to read and my favourite being a Mum. That covers a bit anyway.

Mum to Rebecca (11), otherwise known as Bex, Becca, Bexy Boo, Lou and well I can’t really say the rest !!! A bit about Bex:

Singer, dancer, actress, make you smile (er), funny song writer, future blogger correction she already has a blog so blogger, inspirer, chef, reader, writer, Best friend, cuddler, Pet lover, Mummy pamperer, loves a cuppa, Fab daughter.

Also Mum to Oscar (9), otherwise known as Oz, Ozzie, Oscado (!) again I really can’t say the rest !!! A bit about Ozzie:

Artist, Comedian, Bike rider, Animator, funny song writer, secret groovy dancer, gamer, lego builder, board game lover, Best friend, hugger, Mummy pamperer, nature lover, Dune roller, loves a cuppa, chef, reader, Fab Son.

Wife to Andrew known as Cam to most and rather alot of other names to me !!!A bit about Cam:
Fab Dad, Fab Husband (better put that one in !), photographer, creator (oh yes!), a bit of a fisherman, gamer, bike rider, designer, techy monster, a bit competitive (!), chef no silly me I’m dreaming !, a bit of a joker, training to be grumpy old man (training going well !), Fab husband oh yes I said that already (!) that will end that nicely.

So we all live happily with our 2 dogs (Lottie and Murphy) in North Cornwall where the surf is good, the air is fresh, the sand is sandy and the Pasties are yummy oh and the ice-cream is too !!!

So I am going to be 40 this summer (when the living is easy, sorry I like music too !), so I am going to make it a Life begins year, not that my life hasn’t begun it’s rather full on really but you know what I mean. 40 has to be positive that or I will start taking off the years, any suggestions ?

I would like to add to all the named above that your lists are in no particular order and if I have missed anything out as I sure I have do accept my apologies, tell me at the kitchen table later !!!

Look forward to meeting you all.


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