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Parenting by Oscar

Picture the day, stressful client – correction the most stressful frustrating customer we have ever had, another grey semi wet day, two children niggling – correction two children arguing one minute friends the next on a repetitive loop for hours on end.

Me at then end of my tether, so I walk dogs (long walk), have shower and head to bed with my work books stating I had enough of that day. Please note my husband was now in charge. I ate supper in bed yep really, made by my husband (lucky me!) and well stayed there till the morning.

So in the morning I am met by Oscar with the best parenting advice or statement ever. It goes like….

” Mum, you should have realised that when you get together with someone, get married, have a baby then have another one, that children do argue sometimes, because sometimes well, that is what children do”.

Ask Oscar :-)

All said straight-faced and very matter of factly, but he is right of course. Kids do argue especially brothers and sisters ( and hell I can vouch for that from me too!!!). As a Mum what more could I say, well I did try to fight the parenting corner but….

So if you have more than one child then take on this advice especially when they get a little older because that’s what kids do…..and actually it is :-)

Though I think I will maybe just maybe print this out for when he has children, what do you think?!!!



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2 Responses to "Parenting by Oscar"

  1. Jackie Elton says:

    Oh I so have problems with this one, I don’t know whether it is because I am an only child but my children argueing gets to me so much and I never know what to do.

    1. Ali says:

      My two go through times of being best of friends to wishing they were only children!!! But mainly they are good together, my tactic that works the best here is to send them to their rooms with my best ‘cross’ voice but here is where it really works. Within minutes they are in each other rooms (usually Bex in Oz’s) then they make up within seconds because they are then joined together in complaining about me!!! Perfect really and is the very reason I send them up!!! It is good life lessons to learn to sort arguments so if it makes you feel better just think when they are doing this they are learning something too!!! Or of course remember Oscar’s advice :-) xxx

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