Parenting by Oscar

Picture the day, stressful client – correction the most stressful frustrating customer we have ever had, another grey semi wet day, two children niggling – correction two children arguing one minute friends the next on a repetitive loop for hours on end.

Me at then end of my tether, so I walk dogs (long walk), have shower and head to bed with my work books stating I had enough of that day. Please note my husband was now in charge. I ate supper in bed yep really, made by my husband (lucky me!) and well stayed there till the morning.

So in the morning I am met by Oscar with the best parenting advice or statement ever. It goes like….

” Mum, you should have realised that when you get together with someone, get married, have a baby then have another one, that children do argue sometimes, because sometimes well, that is what children do”.

Ask Oscar 🙂

All said straight-faced and very matter of factly, but he is right of course. Kids do argue especially brothers and sisters ( and hell I can vouch for that from me too!!!). As a Mum what more could I say, well I did try to fight the parenting corner but….

So if you have more than one child then take on this advice especially when they get a little older because that’s what kids do…..and actually it is 🙂

Though I think I will maybe just maybe print this out for when he has children, what do you think?!!!



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