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A Little Behind….

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No, I am not talking about my derriere as it is not particularly little!!!

I am in fact talking about the Christmas shopping. I think I have got all that needs posting off but no grown up wrapping paper. Which is a bit annoying as I need to join the que tomorrow at the Post Office. Quite often you can be 30-45 minutes in the que this time of year, so you really only want to que once.

Still thinking about it I do have to get some other presents for posting so actually I don’t need to worry about the grown up wrapping paper today!!!

My present choice for my nephew in New Zealand I now realise it a bit heavy. Dam the postage is a bit pricey although I would love to go out there for the same price. The ques in the post office all are full of mutterings of complaint’s about the price of postage, but really when you look at where it is going even when it is in this country and you think of fuel costs you can’t really complain at it.

My children break up on the 15th, a bit early I think. Always love having them home but I think I would rather have the extra time after Christmas rather than hyper excited children bouncing off the walls in the run up to it!!!

This also means I need to be even more organised (not my speciality!) so I am not wrapping up or last minute shopping when they are about. That now  leaves me a total of 8 school days to get cracking. Amongst of course the lists of other work and home things that need doing.

I think I have come here typing this because sometimes I find the answer once typing. As it is not achieving a magic solution, I really just need to get on!!!

I think I will go off write a few lists (!) then look forward to crossing lots off at the same time no doubt adding more!!!!

I know lots reading this will be so much more organised than me and have Christmas all pretty much wrapped up, pardon the pun. Whilst I will be still wrapping up at 10.30p.m on Christmas eve but well never mind it will all been done in time (ish) !!! :-)





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4 Responses to "A Little Behind…."

  1. This year I am feeling on top of things, mainly as I have lowered my expectations. The boys break up on the 16th, so we can have lots of time together

    1. Ali says:

      Well done you :-) you will enjoy the days before hand with the boys too. I love having my two at home but they are already excited especially my youngest plus I don’t like the fact they go back on the 3rd I think it’s to soon after New Years Eve. Still good reason to get myself more organised :-) x

  2. Agree with lowering expectations! I have been thinking about wrapping too, and maybe getting creative with newspaper – hoping my family have low expectations too!

    1. Ali says:

      Newspaper sounds good, to go with your amazing gift tags which I love :-) Have just watched last years Outnumbered Christmas special.Them all piled up singing on the sofa and I thought yeah that is what it’s about :-)

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