Eating as a family

5 reasons to eat as a family at the table

5 reasons to eat as a family at the table

I now try to always eat together as a family at the kitchen table but to be honest in the past, sitting,plates on laps watching the same rubbish on  television was the way you would find us eating 50% of  the time. So hence coming up with these 5 reasons to eat as a family at the table.
Eating as a familyReason 1: Digestion, yes a little boring I know!!! But sitting up straight (or straighter!) at the table, rather than slumped on an easy chair with plate teetering on your lap is much more kinder to your digestive system.

Reason 2: Less mess, well hopefully at least! Crumbs and spills are easier to clear of the table than the sofa or chairs. Plus your much less likely to spill your curry down your favourite top.

Reason 3: New flavours, all ages are more likely to try new flavours when all eating together. When you are eating as a family and having the same meal giving things a try is far more likely. I find meals like Mexican where you help yourselves are brilliant meals to get children to try new flavours. Also for a weekend treat it is nice to make an extra special effort so give a choice of things and adding new flavours which hopefully become favourites. Our household loves spicy food so Indian meals are brilliant too.
Indian mealReason 4: Healthier eating, of course this does depend what you put on the table. Like me, Bex and Oscar love salad but I find their reluctant salad eating friends are more likely to add salad to their plates when you have a big bowl of salad on the table or what I call a ‘pick & mix’ salad where you have a choice of lots of different things but they are not all mixed together.

I would like my two to drink more water, so adding a jug of water at the table means they usually pour themselves a drink after they have finished their apple juice etc. I add slices of lemon to it and it even sometimes tempts my non-water loving husband!!! If it is not wine or pear cider it is always water for me, which these days usually means water!!!

Reason 5: The best reason of all it’s talking. Yes, yes I don’t usually stop but bringing everyone together can sometimes be hard to do with busy schedules etc and even harder as our children get older. But even if it is just once a week, eating a meal together is a great time to catch up. I am a great believer in the importance of chatting with your children and I say with not at, and if you can do this and they are always happy to chat back then this parent skill is one that will pay you back time and time again. If children feel they can talk to us this makes for a happier child which in turn equals happier parents.

So dinner table chats keep us open for bigger conversations if needed at other times. Plus it is good to know what everyone has been up to and be interested in everyone else.

There are my 5 reasons why eating together as a family at the table are important, do you have any?

With the darker evenings coming far to quickly, we will make these ice lanterns again for a ‘Candle lit family supper!’


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