5 random things I learnt this week

To do list

If you have a ‘To do’ list or more to the point ‘Love to do’ list for your home, try to cross some of them off before you plan to move. Our hard work in the last few weeks is finally coming together . Most of the jobs done were on my ‘Love to do’ list for us but have ending up doing it so our house looks it’s best to sell and not for us to enjoy.

Lesson 1 learnt: Aim to look at your ‘Love to do’ list and cross off at least some of the easier one’s just for you!!!

Assumption is the Mother of all….

Yes, well we won’t swear here but you know where I am coming from. You order your carpets, you arrange for the carpet companies own fitter to fit them after they themselves have measured up. Then you arrange a day, first thing I am told. 12.50p.m. arrival time actually, then on arrival they then look and wonder why the carpets have not been taken up. Then tell us they don’t take them awayI assumed first thing was somewhere between 8-9a.m. I assumed as I hadn’t been asked or told to take the carpets up they be done for us. I wrongly assumed that carpet shop would take the carpets away. We are talking a whole 4 bedroom house here but then as I said assumption is the Mother of all…. The carpets were taken up by us quite speedily, the old carpets are now stored somewhere in the dry to take to the tip on several trips. Oh I forgot to mention the company miss measured the area for the underlay so there wasn’t enough. The carpet company did also wrongly assume I was paying extra for it and wrongly assumed polite ladies may not stand there ground and could be talked into paying for it. I of course did not pay and may well have had my polite halo slip for just a minute or two!!!

Lesson 2 learnt: Assume nothing, simple as!!!

Instant flowers are fab:

A tray or two of flowers really make a difference. I rather like growing things from seed but when time is an issue instant flowers are SO fab. My front door now is welcoming with smiling violas. The decking is looking brighter and well rather nice, so a 30 minutes planting up pots was had by Oscar and I while Bex and Cam took one of my dogs to the vets. By the time they got back we had instant brightness and so pretty!!!!

Lesson 3 learnt:  Instant flowers are quite frankly brilliant and I know that the ones I have chosen self seed generously so I can enjoy them while we sell the house and take them with me when we leave!!!

A dog on diazepam is a happy dog

Well not exactly happy but mighty relaxed. Whilst planting my instant colour, Murphy was at the vet with a neck injury. Where, when and how he did that is a mystery to me. Perhaps his fringe had got to long bless him but any how, typing this he is better after popping a few diazepam and a muscle relaxant or two and well he is a happy dog.

Happy, sleepy dog!!!

Lesson 4 learnt:  Dogs like cheese, they learn to like it even more when it is turned into happy cheese!!! (Tablet hidden inside!)

A couple of hours of art with the kids

I am not to bad at drawing but painting well that is a completely different thing. Basically I am terrible with paints (though not on walls I may add just in case you want to buy a house in Cornwall!!!). So I draw my picture, very original a vase of flowers!!! Then I decide to ruin it by painting it, except I quite enjoyed painting it. Even though I can see it is going to look well ‘crap’ I carry on, despite cries of “Don’t paint it Mum!”. I didn’t mind how it ended up at that moment I was having fun. It is far from great, actually it is rubbish but I didn’t care as I was happy!!!!

Yes it is dodgy but.....

Lesson 5 learnt: Perfection doesn’t exist and sitting down with your children and proving that is actually quite a good lesson to give. Children these day’s put so much pressure on themselves that the saying ‘Trying your best is good enough’ now seems to be void, and actually doing your best  usually is good enough. 🙂

So there is 5 random things I learnt this week, did you learn any? 🙂

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