3 ways to help you get more energy today

3 ways I am using to get more energy

In the last year my energy seems to be sucked out of me one way or another. But as the sunshine comes out I am back to trying to get a bit of it back and for it  to stay.

So here are three ways I am using to give me an energy boost.



Yes, I love tea but realise sometimes to get through the day I am drinking more tea and much less water than I should. I am lucky I do love water so that is a bonus. So I am making sure I drink the recommended eight glasses a day.

Drinking water really gives you more energy and it will be great for your skin too, so double bonus. In a round about way water helps your body get rid of the things it doesn’t need much more quickly. So your body doesn’t have to use so much energy therefore giving you more energy for you to enjoy or use how you want to!!!



Well we all need to breath to live but rather a lot of us including myself are shallow breathers. Which means you don’t ever as such clear out your lungs and also means you don’t have the same amount of oxygen coming in if you breathed more deeply.

Now I can’t teach you to breathe properly but here is a breathing exercise that helps lots of people. I remember first learning this years ago reading an article at Joanna Lumley. There are lots of variations of these and some having longer counts but this technique is working for me.

Sit up straight. Exhale with a whoshing noise, then take a deep breath through your nose for the count of four, hold your breath for seven then release your breath for the count 8. When releasing your breath have your tongue gently touching the roof of your mouth. Repeat another three times. You can do this several times a day for maximum benefit.

T he 4-7-8 breathing exercise is also used a relaxing breathing technique which could also be why it gives you more energy as stress is a big energy zapper.

This theory is also why when people excercise and even a brisk walk is great you end up with more energy rather than less.

Reduce your sugar


Sorry Mars but your work, rest and play just isn’t true. To much sugar and not balanced out properly will send your blood sugar levels going up and down in a way that your body will not like.

If you are reaching for an energy boost and you have chosen something sweet, you will just raise you sugar level far to high to quickly for them to crash down leaving you with even less energy than you had before.

We love to have cake and treats and quite frankly I am all for that but balancing out with ‘proper food’ is key. Food like nuts, seeds, wholemeal and wholegrain bread, beans and pulses and oats are all good. Though not to everyone taste, if you are needing something sweet, how about mashed banana on wholemeal bread perhaps that has been spread with peanut butter first. Home made humus is also a good one. Although protein I quite often have a cube or two of cheese to give me an energy boost. Which works for me.

So to give yourself an energy hit think the less sugar the better.

That is three ways I am using to give me more energy, do you have any ways for energy boosting?

Thanks for reading – Ali

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